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Kansas City Chiefs Most Difficult Games of 2017

The Chiefs face a tough season in 2017, and need to prove that they really are among the top tier of NFL teams. These are their eight hardest games in 2017.

The Kansas City Chiefs enter 2017 with high expectations. After a heroic comeback season in 2015, and a seizure of the AFC West in 2016, the Chiefs are thinking beyond simply making the playoffs. However, they also enter 2017 with one of the NFL’s most difficult schedules.

It’s been a strange offseason for Chiefs Kingdom, but they have to put that behind them. This must happen early, when the Chiefs visit the defending Super Bowl champion New England Patriots in Week One. This season, the Chiefs will face the division winners of each AFC division, as well as the whole of the AFC East and the NFC East.

Kansas City Chiefs Most Difficult Games of 2017

1. Week 1 at New England Patriots

I think we all know why this game is right here. All I need to say is Tom Brady.

2. Week 9 at Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys had a huge season in 2016, with rookies Dak Preskott and Ezekiel Elliott leading a winning charge. The Chiefs go to Dallas before heading into their bye week, after hitting a tough stretch of games. Not being in Kansas City for this game is tough, and a strong Dallas O-Line can make it tough for the pass rush.

3. Week 11 at New York Giants

The Giants are toward the end of their rebuild. While Eli Manning is getting close to the end of his time in New York, they still have plenty of offensive weapons. That, plus their defense is looking a lot better than it did in 2015. Just don’t look at their playoff loss in Green Bay. Expect a stronger offense and a tough defense.

4. Week 7 at Oaklnd Raiders

As a Chiefs fan, it’s hard to put the Raiders so high on this list. However, Derek Carr had a great year in 2016, and it was tough seeing a class act like him break his leg right before the playoffs. This game is right in the middle of the tough stretch mentioned before. They travel to Oakland after facing the Steelers and before hosting Denver. Expect Derek Carr to try to shake off his Kansas City Curse.

5. Week 17 at Denver Broncos

The Broncos had a surprisingly unsuccessful season in 2016. Yes, they had a winning record, but for a Super Bowl team you’d expect a little more. Don’t expect things to be the same in 2017, and at the end of this season, the Chiefs and the Broncos may be fighting for the playoffs. This will be a tough and bitter fight to the end.

6. Week 16 vs Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins are looking good. In some alternate reality where Tom Brady retired last season, the Dolphins would be in position to make a move for the AFC East crown. The Chiefs will host them before traveling to Denver, making this a tough, two week stretch before the playoffs. Both teams will be ready for war.

7. Week 6 vs Pittsburgh Steelers

I put them behind the Dolphins because Ben Roethlisberger is getting old, and he has been prone to injury. Sure, they won both games last season, but expect Chiefs Kingdom to want revenge, and Alex Smith to be in a fight to prove something.

8. Week 5 vs Houston Texans

The Texans already have a top caliber defense, and their offense may have found the answer at quarterback they’ve been searching for. Of course, we won’t know for sure until the season starts. The Texans visit Arrowhead during the height of a very tough stretch of games. The Chiefs will need to find success in this phase, with the Texans providing a great opportunity to make a statement.

Success, or Failure?

The Chiefs need to make a statement this season that their fanbase bas been asking for. These eight games will give them an opportunity either to do that, or to have a very difficult stretch. After the drafting of Patrick Mahomes, and the hiring of Brett Veach as the new general manager, the Chiefs may be looking for success beyond 2017. However, the roster is strong enough to still do well this season, despite the difficulties.

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