Projecting the Seattle Seahawks 2017 Record

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The Seahawks head into the 2017 season as the favorites to win the NFC West. They’ve made the playoffs in each of the five years of the Russell Wilson era. With their youthful head coach, talented quarterback and legendary “Legion of Boom” leading the way, the Seahawks are one of the favorites to return to the Super Bowl for the third time under Pete Carroll. They’ll need to win double-digit games during the regular season to secure a spot in the postseason.

Seattle Seahawks Projected Record

1. at Green Bay Packers: L

This will be a tough start to the season for the Seattle Seahawks, but they have gotten off to slow starts most years during the Pete Carroll era. Winning at Lambeau Field is never easy. Just ask the 2016 Seahawks about it. This would be a huge confidence boost for the Seahawks if they can pull off the victory. But in all likelihood, they’ll start the season 0-1.

2. vs San Francisco 49ers: W

The 49ers are not a good football team. It seemed like only yesterday that the Seahawks and 49ers were the kings of the NFC West and  competing for a chance to go to the Super Bowl. That 49ers team is long gone, and a giant hot mess has taken its place. This game shouldn’t be close.

3. at Tennessee Titans: L

The Tennessee Titans looked like a playoff team before quarterback Marcus Mariota broke his leg during the final stretch of the 2016 regular season. With a healthy Mariota, the Titans could be one of the sleeper teams in the AFC. The Seahawks secondary thrives on quarterback mistakes, which is something that Mariota rarely does. If Mariota takes care of the football, the Titans will have a great shot of winning this game.

4. vs Indianapolis Colts: W

The Colts are one of the most inconsistent teams in the NFL. Andrew Luck is a star, but he’s also turnover-prone. His defense isn’t good enough to pick up the slack when he makes mistakes. Thriving off turnovers, the Seahawks’ defense should be able to score on the Colts’ defense. The Seahawks should win this game at home.

5. at Los Angeles Rams: L

This is a given. The Seahawks will lose to the Rams in Los Angeles. Seattle always has issues with the Rams, no matter the venue and no matter the year. The biggest reason for these struggles is the matchup between the Seahawks offensive line and Rams defensive line. The Rams defensive line is their greatest strength and the Seahawks offensive line is their greatest weakness. If the Rams dominate the line of scrimmage again, they’ll have the advantage in this matchup at home.

6. BYE

The Seahawks will look to regroup after a 2-3 start to the season.

7. at New York Giants: W

The Odell Beckham Jr. and Richard Sherman matchup should be fun to watch. Both players will make their mark on this game, but their teammates will have the greatest impact. Eli Manning is also turnover-prone, which plays into Seattle’s strengths. The Seahawks should win this game in New York.

8. vs Houston Texans: W

The Texans were a playoff team last year, but they benefited from playing in the AFC South. By this time of the season, rookie Deshaun Watson will likely be their starter. He has a lot of talent and should become a great quarterback, but all rookie quarterbacks struggle against the Legion of Boom. Seattle should win this game at home.

9. vs Washington Redskins: W

The Redskins are one of the more intriguing teams in the NFL this season. They had a solid year last year but weren’t able to make it to the postseason. Kirk Cousins could take the next step in his development and lead the Redskins to the playoffs, or he could come back down to earth and have an abysmal year. Anything is possible with this team. But Seattle is more talented and they should win this game at home.

10. at Arizona Cardinals: W

The Cardinals have a great defense, but their offense might fall off a cliff this year. David Johnson is an elite talent, but you can only go as far as your quarterback can carry you. Carson Palmer has been a great quarterback for years, but his time may be up. He struggled last year, and it’s unlikely that he’ll have another career resurgence at age 37. The Seahawks should win this game.

11. vs Atlanta Falcons: L

Although the Seahawks beat the Falcons at home last year, this game will likely be a little different. The Falcons decimated the Seahawks in the 2016 playoffs. Dan Quinn knows how to defeat Seattle’s defense. This game should be competitive like their regular season matchup, but the Falcons will have a great chance of pulling off the road victory.

12. at San Francisco 49ers: W

The 49ers are at home. While that’s one thing they have going for them, it’s the only thing. They’ll be in full tank mode by this point in the campaign. Seattle should win by multiple touchdowns.

13. vs Philadelphia Eagles: W

The Seahawks beat the Eagles in their 2016 matchup in Seattle. The Eagles should be a better team with quarterback Carson Wentz having another year under his belt. But the Seahawks are the better team and they’re at home, so expect the same results.

14. at Jacksonville Jaguars: W

The Jacksonville Jaguars are an extremely intriguing team this year. They have talent, but their quarterback is coming off an abysmal 2016 season. Blake Bortles regressed last season after a career year in 2015. He has a lot of talent, but he might have lost his confidence. Even if he returns to 2015 form, the Seahawks are the more talented team and should win the game.

15. vs Los Angeles Rams: W

The Rams won the first matchup in Los Angeles, and now it’s time for Seattle to get their revenge. The Rams aren’t nearly as talented as the Seahawks and have no business beating them, but they took the first contest because that’s what they always do. The Seahawks will struggle with the Rams more than they should at home, but the 12th man will help lead them to victory.

16. at Dallas Cowboys: W

The Dallas Cowboys were the biggest surprise in the NFL last season. Rookies Ezekiel Elliott and Dak Prescott led the Cowboys to the playoffs. But they were one-and-done in the postseason. Prescott is an emerging star and doesn’t make many mistakes, but he was also in the perfect situation last year. The Cowboys should come back down to earth a bit this season. Seattle will have a great chance of rattling the young quarterback and winning this road game.

17. vs Arizona Cardinals: W

The Cardinals will likely be out of the playoff race by this point. It wouldn’t be too surprising to see the Cardinals trying out another quarterback if Palmer struggles again this season. Seattle may be resting their starters, but they might be playing to try and improve their playoff seed. Since the game is at home, the Seahawks should come out on top.

Final record: 12-4

If the Seahawks finish the year 12-4, they’ll win the NFC West and will have a great chance of clinching home-field advantage throughout the playoffs.