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Cleveland Browns Biggest Questions for 2017

Every NFL team has questions heading into next season. Nowhere is this more prevalent than with the Cleveland Browns. These are their five biggest unknowns.
Cleveland Browns Biggest Questions

After a 1-15 season in 2016, fans always have questions about a team. Perhaps questions of team loyalty arise, and that’s understandable. Especially if this lack of talent goes on for a long time, a fan crisis may come out of the woodwork. Furthermore, team questions might arise with the fan communities as well. What this means is that while fans might look forward to the team coming back from the off-season, they have many questions. Thus is the case of the 2017-2018 Cleveland Browns. Although many fans believe that the team had a great draft and find themselves excited for the season, they still have a few big questions. These are (most likely) the five biggest questions going into the 2017 Browns season.

Cleveland Browns Biggest Questions for 2017

Is The Defense Legitimate?

In this year’s NFL Draft, the Cleveland Browns focused heavily on defense. With picks like Myles Garrett and Jabrill Peppers, the Browns clearly want to bring back the Dawg Pound. So, is this defense “legit,” or simply a product of fan excitement? Even after the recent re-signing of Christian Kirksey, the defense still has a big question mark over its head. While the defense might not be as good as expected this seasons, it may ramp up in the coming years.

Who’s the Quarterback?

After nearly twenty years, the Cleveland Browns still have not found a franchise quarterback. For Browns fans, this point is like beating a dead horse. However, the question still remains. Actually, many questions still remain. Is Cody Kessler good enough to keep his job? Is Brock Osweiler worth anything other than a second-round pick? Will the DeShone Kizer pick pay off for the Browns? All these questions very much remain for the Browns, and will play out over the course of 2017.

Was Zane Gonzalez “Worth It?”

In the draft’s seventh round, the Browns went with a kicker in Zane Gonzalez. Since the departure of Phil Dawson, even the kicker situation has been bleak in Cleveland. However, it seems that they might have a “franchise kicker” in Gonzalez. Perhaps most impressive about him, “The InZane One” is a college record-holder. After all, that must stand for something. While statistics aren’t everything, they are something. After this analytics-style pick, it will be interesting to see if Gonzalez was worth a seventh-rounder.

Is Myles Garrett Ready?

During his college career, Myles Garrett became a phenom. As an athletic freak of nature, Garrett saw more press coverage than nearly any other prospect. And with the number one overall pick, the  Cleveland Browns went with Garrett over quarterback Mitch Trubisky. But one question remains: is Myles Garrett ready for the NFL stage? As it turns out, Garrett had problems with his effort at times in college. Hopefully for Browns fans, Garrett was merely conserving himself for the pros. However, the uncertainty still remains.

What’s the Plan?

It’s no longer a secret: Hue Jackson and the Browns have a “master plan.” But…what does that plan entail? What is Jackson’s vision for this team? Already, fans are seeing that Jackson wants the team to be more explosive and athletic. More than anything, David Njoku showcases this desire. But outside of that main idea, what is the plan for the Cleveland Browns? Furthermore, does owner Jimmy Haslam agree with the plan and want to go through with it? It seems that for this big question and so many others, only time can tell.

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