Picks for the Super Bowl Commercial of the Year Trophy

We’ve heard all about the game. Tomorrow, we will hear hours of analysis about which team is favored (the New England Patriots by 3), the ways the Atlanta Falcons could pull off a victory, and the opinion of nearly every commentator and every retired player still talking to the media about who will win, and why.

We’ll hear about Bill Belichick, his ultra controlling style, and how the entire Patriots lineup follows the lead of Tom Brady and falls into line simply because he does.

We’ll hear about the leadership of Matt Ryan, and how his receivers match up with the New England secondary.

We’ve heard already about the Pepsi Halftime Show, and how Lady GaGa will wow the crowd. (You can even learn more and see some sneak peak videos on the Pepsi Halftime Website.)

Picks for the Super Bowl Commercial of the Year Trophy

But one of the most exciting contests will take place when the action is paused. It’s the always anticipated slate of Super Bowl Commercials which cost in the neighborhood of $5 million for 30 seconds.

You may even have seen the previews and some of the teasers. Here are what are sure to be some of the top contenders for the Super Bowl Commercial of the Year Trophy, by category.


The halftime bathroom break ad by Febreze even mentions the Super Bowl flush effect, a myth stating that holding it until halftime or the end of the game, especially after eating everything in sight and drinking all those beers, overloads our municipal sewage systems.

Besides that, the ad is just downright hilarious. Remember, sometimes the things you love the most stink the most.

Thought Provoking

Budweiser has touched us before, with cute puppies and astonishing patriotism. This year, they address the immigration debate with a serious add that will certainly spark thought and likely controversy too.

It doesn’t really matter what beer you raise, or what team you are rooting for, this ad will move you.


Audi has a great spot titled “Daughter” that will air in the third quarter. It speaks about equal pay in a personal and heartwarming way.

Besides Budweiser’s ad, it is probably the most personal and touching, and a sure contender for a top spot.


Directed by the Coen brothers? Starring Peter Fonda? Is it a trailer for a new movie? No! It’s the latest commercial from Mercedes-Benz.

Called “Easy Driver” it’s sure to be in the top few picks for this year’s ads.


What happens when Wonder Woman meets The Transporter? Well, 2 million views in eight days mean at the least it causes a reaction.

This ad is Wix contribution to the Super Bowl Mix, and it’s action packed moments mean it’s certainly a contender for the trophy this year.

There are spots we haven’t seen any or all of yet. Kia released a teaser of their spot starring Melissa McCarthy, and Victoria’s Secret so far has kept their ad, well, secret.

Either way, we’ll be watching both the game and the commercials. At least two champions will be crowned tomorrow. Just don’t miss one during the epic halftime bathroom break.