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NHL Rumours: International Tournament and NHL Draft

Welcome to another edition of NHL Rumours! The buzz around the league is in full swing. Patrick Kane has visited one team so far and Nikita Zadorov has requested his trade. Those are two key names to keep an eye on for right now but there is other buzz generating around the league. Today’s NHL Rumours focus on international play and the draft.

NHL Rumours

International Tournaments

Rumour: Bill Daly discusses the NHL’s plans for tournament play in the future

The World Cup of Hockey was a great event when it was a thing. Team North America was a sensation and featured the best young talent in the game. However, any form of international tournament has been shut down with no light at the end of the tunnel. Although, a change of plans could be in order.

Bill Daly mentions that the league plans on entering international tournaments in February 2025. That would be a great way for players across the league to represent their countries in competition. However, the biggest one concerns the return to the Olympics.

There has to be no greater feeling than representing your country and playing the sport you love. The NHL pulled the players from the Olympics in 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It was something that crushed the hopes and dreams of many, including centre Steven Stamkos. When he got the news, he shared his feelings on the Olympics saying, “You grow up wanting to represent your country and win a gold medal. That’s something I probably won’t have a chance to do now.”

He may get his chance in addition to other players around the league to represent their countries. They’ll continue talks with the NHLPA, so stay tuned.

NHL Draft

Rumour: Chris Johnston discusses the NHL Draft and its location

The NHL draft is a special day as players hear their names called. It signals that they’ve made it and the journey to becoming a professional hockey player sinks in. The location for this event changes each year and for the upcoming draft, there are ongoing talks of where it could be.

The All-Star game was a big hit when it came to Las Vegas, and now the draft is too. There are ongoing discussions of bringing the draft to Vegas and hosting it at a particular spot in the Sin City.

After the big spending on the project “The Sphere”, it has become a big hit venue. You can have concerts, shows, and other forms of entertainment. Therefore, the NHL is discussing hosting the draft there and it could be a big hit for the league.

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