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NHL Rumour: Dallas Stars Defensemen Potential Buyout Candidate

The Stanley Cup final has yet to begin, but the offseason is in full swing. There is a buzz surrounding many fronts such as head coaching changes and contract extension talks. When needing to make a change, there are two routes you can take. As the general manager, you can trade the player or in some cases buyout the contract. Today we look at a Dallas Stars buyout candidate.

Buyout Options For Dallas

Rumour: Frank Seravelli discusses buyout candidates this summer

There is a laundry list of buyout candidates this summer. In the unlikely scenario at landing a trade partner, a buyout is the next path to moving on. Sometimes that is just how the cookie crumbles. But one player seems likely to fall into this category. Dallas Stars buyout candidate Ryan Suter may suffer that fate this summer. It would be the second time in the salary cap era where he was bought out. With important free agents to sign, moving on from his cap hit seems more than ideal.

Why This Makes Sense

Jim Nill was a happy man and handed put no-movement clauses to more than one player. One of those players was Suter. He is on the back end of his career at 38 years old and has two seasons remaining on his deal. In addition, his AAV is $3.65 million per season. No smart general managerial doing Nill a favour and absorbing that contract. Plus, Suter holds all the cards. In the likely scenario to move on, a buyout is in need.

As laid out by Seravelli, the Dallas Stars buyout structure would look like this. Two seasons at $733,000 followed by $1.4 million for another two years. Dallas would indeed be saving money.

Not to mention, the club has younger and more impactful players they can plug into the lineup. Nils Lundkvist, Thomas Harley, and Joel Hanley are a few that could make more of an impact and see more ice time.

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