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New York Rangers Offseason Grade: Jimmy Vesey

New York Rangers Offseason Grade

Welcome to your New York Rangers offseason grades! It ultimately did not end the way the organization wanted it to, but there was a lot of jog and excitement. It is summertime for the Rangers, but that does not mean we cannot reminisce on the season. Today we will look at Jimmy Vesey‘s offseason grade.

New York Rangers Offseason Grade

Report Card: Jimmy Vesey

The next New York Rangers offseason grade is a kid who has been on the block before. Jimmy Vesey signed with New York in the offseason for his second stint with the club. He spent last season with their cross-town rival New Jersey Devils. The hype surrounding Vesey was not the same as the first round. As we all remember, Vesey was a college standout that had many suitors. New York is where he landed. Although it did not go according to plan, Vesey was brought in as a role player, and safe to say he did his role well.

The Season

Last season with New Jersey, Vesey was primarily a fourth-line player and a penalty-kill specialist. For this second stint with the New York Rangers, that is also the case. Vesey went on to have 11 goals, 14 assists, and 25 points. In addition, that is ten more points than he had last year but in 13 extra games played. Vesey was physical on the fourth line as he went on to finish with 98 hits. But he is really known for his defensive style of play. No, he is not a Selke trophy calibre talent, but he is good defensively. Vesey finished second in takeaways (56) while limiting his turnovers (29).

Vesey was a penalty-killing specialist. It was something he did well last year and did it again this year. He would go on to average the fifth most minutes and excelled at his role. Vesey would go on to score a goal while short-handed, but forcing turnovers what his specialty. He would finish second in takeaways with 11. That level of play from 5v5 went on to carry over into his role on the penalty kill. Vesey may not be the biggest offensive threat, but he does succeed at his role on the club.

The Playoffs

Not the greatest area for this New York Rangers offseason grade. Jimmy Vesey had a better regular season, but not so much in the playoffs. He went on to have one assist and hardly saw any time on the penalty kill. In just six minutes he managed to generate one takeaway. His Corsi For was among the lowest of the forwards (42%) as well as his expected goals (52%). As the team was playing from behind and not dictating the pace of the game, so was Vesey.

Vesey went on to spend the playoffs alongside Barclay Goodrow and Tyler Motte. As a trio, they went on to generate 1.88 xGoals per 60 minutes. Defensively they would average 2.46 xGoals against. They would defy both those expectations in their fourth-line role. It is not the best playoffs individually, but as a line, they did what they had to do.

The Verdict

This New York Rangers off-season grade will just fit the player. On any given roster you have your role players and guys you plug in certain situations. Jimmy Vesey just happens to be one of those players. The expectations for him are nowhere near as high and he can simply fulfill his role. In terms of his role, he has done it well and done what is asked of him. Chris Drury awarded him a two-year extension. Vesey is not leaving Broadway anytime soon.

Grade: C-

Main Photo: Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports


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