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New York Rangers Offseason Grades: Ryan Lindgren

Welcome to an off-season segment for your New York Rangers! It ultimately did not end the way the organization wanted it to, but there was a lot of jog and excitement. It is summertime for the Rangers, but that does not mean we cannot reminisce on the season. Today we will look at a Ryan Lindgren offseason grade. Check out our other New York Rangers offseason grades.

New York Rangers Offseason Grades

Report Card: Ryan Lindgren

The New York Rangers offseason grade for Adam Fox is in. Today we take a look into his defensive partner. With the moving parts on the back end, he has become an integral piece of it. Part of the Rick Nash trade with the Boston Bruins, Lindgren was the prize. That prize has been grand for the Rangers since he debuted in 2019. Lindgren is a warrior and the perfect shut-down defenseman, and a complimentary piece to the top pair.

The Season

Ryan Lindgren is not the flashiest player on the team. However, he is no stranger to chipping in offensively. Nothing was greater than his goal against Buffalo season ago, but we’re talking about this season. Lindgren went on to score just one goal and had 17 assists. At the end of the day, Lindgren is known for his shutdown ability. That is what makes him special and makes him the player that he is. He would finish with 68 hits and 92 blocked shots. But what made him special is what he does in tandem. Among his peers, he was near the top. 

Alongside Adam Fox, the pair ranked 34th in expected goals against per 60 minutes (2.3). This was among all qualified pairs that logged 200 minutes together. Offensively, the duo averaged 2.76 expected goals. Fox and Lindgren played beyond their expectations this season. The duo averaged 2.94 goals for per 60 minutes and 1.74 against. At one point in the season, Lindgren went down with an injury. That affected Adam Fox as he was forced to pair with Mikkola. When Fox was paired with him, the club averaged 2.76 expected goals against. Lindgren has the ability for shot suppression is visible, given the change.

Lindgren had the third-lowest xGoals against (41.54). With him on the ice, the high-danger chances we’re also the third lowest on the team. To make matters better, he was on the ice for the third-fewest high-danger goals against. Lindgren is a tremendous player to have in the lineup, and his impact is felt across the board.

The Playoffs

In seven games against the New Jersey Devils, he managed just two points. However, he did score a gorgeous goal in Game One. It was a great goal as he skated alongside the boards and ripped one top shelf.

Aside from that, it was quiet on his end. He was not overly physical and did not block shots like he usually does. Lindgren did have the third-highest average of expected goals against (5.82). In addition, he accounted for 31 high-danger chances against and the most goals against in the area. New Jersey utilized their speed and got after the Ranger’s defence. Not to his fault, New Jersey was a dominant squad, especially at 5v5 play.

The Verdict

This New York Rangers offseason grade has weight to it. In addition to his impact being made, he was an award winner. He was given the player’s players award which is awarded by his teammates. In addition, he was the recipient of the Steven McDonald Award. It is not something he takes lightly. Lindgren may not be the flashiest of all players, but he is respected and loved in the room. His impact on the ice is noticeable and he is worthy of this grade.

Verdict: B+

Main Photo: Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports


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