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NHL Rumour: Arizona Coyotes Potentially Relocation Spot

What an eventful 24 hours it has been for the Arizona Coyotes fan base. It is shame for the loyal fans and organization, but the vote has passed. Not to mention the potential aftermath of what comes next. The days are numbered in Arizona. Which now leads to where the Arizona Coyotes relocate to.

Arizona Coyotes Relocation Possibilities

Rumour: Andy Strickland discusses the next city for Arizona

All good things come to an end. The Arizona Coyotes and their legendary jerseys will be no more. With the team more than likely relocating the options are endless. Numerous cities have been mentioned as potential fits for the team. Houston, Kansas City, and Atlanta have all been mentioned before. However, one city has emerged as a front-runner to hold the team.

The Front Running City

Potentially, the Arizona Coyotes relocate to Salt Lake City. The city already has a basketball team and could be looking to expand its sports city. In addition, hockey has been successful in the city before. Back in 1996, the Utah Grizzlies hold the record for the largest attendance in North American minor league. May seem small, but if the team is going to relocate and do it properly, going to a city where success has happened is the right move. It is not to say things were unsuccessful in Arizona, but you don’t want history to repeat itself.


What Does It Mean For The Players

It is no secret that star forward Clayton Keller is displeased with the outcome. Furthermore, his father had a few words on the matter. In addition, more stuff of that specific matter has risen. Andy Strickland touched on the matter of star players forcing their way out. He believes that the league won’t allow such a thing to happen. Because the truth of the matter is, the franchise is more valuable with calibre talent than without it. It is a scenario where the players have little leverage despite their feelings on the matter. That is not to say they won’t be moved down the road, but not until a sale or relocation is complete.

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