New York Rangers Dominance Over Carolina Hurricanes Continues

Over the course of time or in one singular season, a team has another teams number. No matter how hard they play, wins do not seem to add up. That has been the case this year when it comes to the New York Rangers. Carrying over from last years playoff run, the New York Rangers dominate the Carolina Hurricanes.

New York Rangers Dominates Carolina Hurricanes Once Again

New York Owns Carolina

The Carolina Hurricanes have the Boston Bruins number. And the New York Rangers have the Carolina Hurricanes number. It is the perfect circle of life. After a dominant victory in Game Seven at PNC Arena last year, that dominance carried over into this season. Both teams met four times this season with the Rangers winning three of them. Now let’s examine the level of New York Rangers dominance and how it got to be this way.

The Underlying Numbers

First of all, these two teams are the cream of the crop in the Eastern Conference. In addition, they are in the top three in their division. However, when these two teams played, the Rangers dominated the scoreboard. New York never allowed more than three goals in a single game and outscored Carolina 15-9. Overall just really good play to secure the two points. Those are simple numbers, but let’s examine the underlying metrics.

At the end of the day two points is two points. It does not matter how ugly the numbers looked, a victory is a victory. The dominance is the Rangers always come out on top, but during the course of the game that is not always the case.

Carolina brought the storm and outplayed the Rangers in three out of the four. Here is what it looked like in these categories for the Rangers:

Corsi For:

53.61%, 38.46%, 42.34%, 34.04%

Aside from the very first game of the season, the Rangers chased the game. Carolina is one of the best puck possession team in the entire league and it was no different against the Rangers. However, that possession did not serve them well as it only resulted in one victory.


First Game: 3.37-1.95

Second Game: 3.34-3.82

Third Game: 2.35-2.88

Fourth Game: 2.19-2.39

The first game was the true game where the Rangers outplayed Carolina. Both teams had their chances, but with Carolina having strong possession numbers it is more on the surface. Goaltending for the Rangers was sensational and proved to be huge. Especially in the 6-2 victory right after the All-Star break.

High Danger Chances

First Game: 11-7

Second Game: 9-16

Third Game: 10-11

Fourth Game: 9-12

This is an outlier of how well these teams defend. Both team did not really give much and that was evident is not allowing many goals from the high-danger area.

Overall, the Hurricanes may have dominated in certain aspects of the game, but at the end of the day the Rangers dominate in victories. The New York Rangers dominance can be thanked by key performances.

Key Performers

Artemi Panarin

If there is one player that enjoyed playing Carolina, it was Artemi Panarin. The superstar winger factored into all but one game. Panarin had a blast, scoring six goals and two assists, he made Carolina pay. The biggest highlight was his four-goal game on February 11, but he also scored a goal and assisted on the game-winner in the most recent matchup. No matter how hard Carolina defended, they could not stop the bread man.

Igor Shesterkin

This man was the one who stood between the pipes for three of the four games. Shesterkin is one guy who factored into two of the Rangers victories. Overall, he has been very good against them. In three starts, he finished with a .924 save percentage, and a 2.37 goals-against average. His most dominant performance came in the most recent matchup. Shesterkin allowed only one goal and finished with 1.63 goals saved above expected. The last player I would want to face if I am the Carolina Hurricanes.

There Is No Storm Surging

The New York Rangers dominance over the Carolina Hurricanes is evident. Did the Hurricanes outplay them? Yes they did. However, the Rangers capitalized when it mattered most and made the most of their opportunities. In the end, this is a team that gives Carolina fits and a team that has their number. The Rangers are winners. There is a very good chance these two juggernauts go head-to-head in the playoffs. Carolina will be looking to figure out a team that always seems to beat them.

Main Photo: James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports