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Analyzing the Coyotes’ 2023 Deadline Moves

The Arizona Coyotes were one of the most active teams throughout the past couple of weeks. They have traded the likes of Jakob ChychrunShayne Gostisbehere, and Nick Bjugstad (As the writer previously predicted in the last published article). With all these blocks falling, we now have a solid look at what the future holds. As well as what General Manager Bill Armstrong’s plans are with the team and how this deadline can change the team. Now let’s dive in to the Arizona Coyotes Trade Deadline and how it can have a long-term impact on the team.

The Trades

Jakob Chychrun to Ottawa

This is the biggest move during the Arizona Coyotes trade deadline. The Jakob Chychrun saga finally ended as he was traded to the Ottawa Senators. The Coyotes receive a 2023 1st (Top five protected), 2024 2nd (If Ottawa reaches 2023 Eastern Conference Final, the pick becomes a 2024 1st round pick (Top 10 protected, moves to 2025 1st unprotected), and finally a 2026 2nd. At the time the trade was announced, many thought this was a bit underwhelming. Especially due to the amount of time he was on the block for trade. This gives the Coyotes that much more draft capital to hopefully propel the rebuild.

Bill Armstrong spoke to Craig Morgan on the matter, and this is what he said “More important in the deal is an opportunity to get a pick somewhere between 6 & 18,” said Armstrong, who was talking to eight different teams about Chychrun. “Those are hard to get in the draft so that has a lot of value for us. We had a couple of deals where there were two firsts but they were really late firsts. This has the possibility of being a pretty good pick.”

The 2023 draft has hopes to be one of the deepest drafts, so we will see what the two firsts do this year. If you remember, the Coyotes traded up last year to take center, Conor Geekie. We could see something similar this year.

Shayne Gostisbehere to Carolina

This was yet another move that was expected by the Coyotes. The Coyotes traded Shayne Gostisbehere to the Hurricanes for a 2026 3rd round pick. As taking money back wasn’t an option for the Coyotes, it was hard to get what they wanted. As this return could’ve been more if that was possible, the Coyotes did get a 2022 2nd (Artyom Duda) to take on the contract of Gostisbehere. Gostisbehere struggled in Philadelphia, and ever since putting on a Coyotes jersey, he has excelled. Last season he had 14 goals for 51 points, and this year is on pace for 46 points.

Craig Morgan had the opportunity to speak to him after the trade saying this “It’s definitely a fun place to live and to play, too. There’s obviously not a lot of pressure. That’s something you miss as a player and we all want one day; a chance to win the Stanley Cup. I’m thankful to be put in this situation to go help a team do that.” He continues by saying “Our group of guys was pretty special. It’s a lot different than where I’ve been before. We’re a younger group, but we had some good memories for those two years and I made a lot of close friends. I’m definitely gonna miss those guys.”

Nick Bjugstad to Edmonton

As with the other two, this one was easy to predict. The Coyotes traded Nick Bjugstad to the Oilers for a 2023 3rd round pick and prospect Michael Kesselring. They also traded prospect Cam Dineen to the Oilers. Bjugstad signed a one-year deal last summer and has since been able to revive his career. This year he has 13 goals as well as ten assists. He is on pace for 30 points which would be his best year since 2017-18. Kesselring is an intriguing prospect. He stands in at 6’5″ and provides a sneaky offensive touch to his game. Playing defenseman can be hard, but while playing for the Bakersfield Condors, he had 13 goals and nine assists.

Nick Bjugstad entered this year with much uncertainty in his career. Once the ball got rolling in Arizona, he has yet to look back. This is what he said while speaking to Craig Morgan “I was definitely grateful to be able to get the opportunity here in Phoenix. Billy [Armstrong] was the 1st person I talked to in free agency & it was a no-brainer; we saw a fit. I’m so grateful for that opportunity from the organization that allowed me to find my game again.” He continued going on to say this “I loved it here & the Mullet was rockin’ every night; more than I ever could have expected. You want to insert yourself & get comfortable w/the guys & the community as quick as possible & I felt like it was a seamless transition for me.”

Nick Ritchie & Troy Stecher to Calgary

This was an interesting move, to say the least. Nick Ritchie and Troy Stecher were traded to Calgary for Connor Mackey and Brett Ritchie. Brett Ritchie and Nick Ritchie are siblings. Yes, you heard that right; this is the first time that a trade between two brothers has occurred. Stecher and Ritchie were UFAs (Unrestricted Free Agents) after this season, so Armstrong made sure to clean house of all UFAs. 

Connor Mackey is another defenseman the Coyotes acquired during the deadline. Standing at 6’2″, he brings some size to the team, similar to Kesselring. So far this year with the Flames, he has just ten games under his belt, notching two goals as well as one assist. Brett Ritchie has eight points in 34 games played with the Flames this year. He is the older brother out of the two, so we’ll see what he’s able to add to this Coyotes team.

Money Moves

Coyotes also acquired some contracts of players who won’t be playing anytime soon. One of those is Shea Weber from the Golden Knights. He is not expected to play again, and this helps the Coyotes get to the cap floor. They also traded Dysin Mayo to the Knights, as well as getting a 2023 5th from Vegas. Adding to the list was helping the Rangers and Blackhawks by retaining salary of forward Patrick Kane. By being the broker and helping the deal be complete they received a 2025 3rd round selection. The last deal that was made for money reasons was Jakub Voráček and a 2023 6th-round selection from the Blue Jackets for goaltender Jon Gillies. Voráček has been hurt for the vast majority of the past two seasons and is under contract until the 2023-24 season. 


The Arizona Coyotes trade deadline was very busy. Gaining all these picks and assets will hopefully propel this rebuild further and help this franchise. Coyote fans will have May 16th marked on their calendar as this is the draft lottery. With these trades depleting the Coyotes’ roster, one can only hope the number pick will be the Coyotes.

Main Photo:  Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports


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