NHL Rumours: What a David Pastrnak Contract Could Look Like for Boston Bruins

Welcome back to NHL Rumours. Each day, we look at the latest happening around the NHL and bring it to you. Whether that be trades, signings, firings, or more. Today, we are taking a look at the Boston Bruins Star forward and what a David Pastrnak contract may look like.

David Pastrnak Contract

Rumour: Fluto Shinzawa discussed Pastrnak and his amazing season so far in an article for The Athletic. In it, he highlighted Pastrnak’s career, his play now, and what a contract may look like. When it comes to a David Pastrnak contract, Pastrnak made it clear he was OK waiting for now. However, Shinzawa did come to the conclusion that Artemi Panarin and his $11.6 million cap hit may not be enough.

Shinzawa does a great job in the article pointing out why Pastrnak could demand as much as Nathan MacKinnon or Connor McDavid. However, he also points out that he doesn’t play centre like those two. Realistically, one would have to assume a fair asking price for Pastrnak would be starting at Panarin’s deal and going up from there. 11×8 would be considered a steal to most players as it would lock down an elite player for his prime.

However, the one thing to consider is the “Boston factor”. For years, players have taken less to stay in Boston. Captain Patrice Bergeron has been criminally underpaid his whole career. Even Charlie McAvoy at $9.5 a year is a steal. Considering he is just 24 and already one of the league’s top defencemen.

Cap Space

One thing is for sure, Pastrnak will be getting a raise on the absolute discount deal he is on now. The Bruins are also set to absolutely overturn this roster if needed, so cap space isn’t an issue. Eight of their normal 12 forwards are pending RFA or UFA’s next year. That includes Pastrnak but one of the four forwards under contract is Jake DeBrusk who is always in trade rumours.

Whatever price point Pastrnak sets the Bruins will very likely come to match. They may negotiate the price down a bit but considering Pastrnak doesn’t seem too worried, there shouldn’t be an issue for Bruins fans yet either.

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