Detroit Red Wings Forward Out Six Weeks

Tyler Bertuzzi is expected to be out for six weeks following successful hand surgery, the Detroit Red Wings announced today. With Tyler Bertuzzi out, the Red Wings will need some depth to step up.

Tyler Bertuzzi Out

The Red Wings forward has had a difficult time of it this season. He was injured before the year started, getting cleared to play on October 3rd after a September injury. That lasted until he was injured in their second game of the season, getting knocked out of play for a month. He returned on November 15th, only to get injured once again on November 30th.

The agitating scorer is trying to build off last season’s breakthrough when he scored 30 times with 62 points in 68 games. This year he hasn’t been as successful, with one goal and four points in his nine games. The decreased scoring is no surprise, given Bertuzzi’s injuries this year. It couldn’t come at a worse time for him professionally, as he’s in a contract year paying him $5.25 million this season. Negotiations between Bertuzzi and the Red Wings have been historically fraught.

What Next

Given how few games Tyler Bertuzzi played for Detroit before his surgery, the team is accustomed to replacing him. He’s dropped from last season’s top line into the middle six with an eye to spreading scoring out. Detroit’s been doing well this year, fighting with the two Florida teams for third place in the Atlantic Division after a sixth-place finish last year and seventh the year before that. Finding youth at forward hasn’t yet been a problem for the Red Wings, but they can’t be happy with a fifth on Injured Reserve.

Jonatan Berggren and Givani Smith have both gotten more time than desired. Berggren has been solid, but you expect team management is counting the days until Elmer Söderblom is healthy.

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