NHL Rumour: Dallas Stars Could Move On From Goaltender For Cap Relief

Dallas Stars Anton Khudobin

Pre-season has kicked off and opening night puck drop is around the corner. One team that everyone is talking about is the Dallas Stars. And let’s just say it is not for the greatest reasons. Jim Nill got his extension, and so did goaltender Jake Oettinger, but one player remains unsigned. Top scorer Jason Robertson is still unsigned, and one player could solve that mess. A move involving Dallas Stars goaltender Anton Khudobin could help get Robertson signed.

Anton Khudobin Could Be On The Move

Rumour: Elliotte Friedman on 32 Thoughts Podcast talks about Anton Khudobin being a player to watch for as Robertson is still unsigned.

One player to keep an eye on is Dallas Stars’ goalie Khudobin. Major controversy is undergoing with Robertson not signed and opening puck drop is only two weeks away. With only $6.3 million dollars in cap space, getting a deal done has become tricky. But how can Khudobin help?

How Khudobin Can Help The Cause

Khudobin is a pending UFA after this season and currently has a cap hit of $3.3 million dollars. With Oettinger the clear-cut number one goalie and Scott Wedgewood looking like the backup, Khudobin could be the odd man out. But what direction does that lead?

The team could send him to the minors, but the relief would not fetch much in cap space. However, the team could look to trade him and free themselves of the full contract. Khudobin has been showcased in recent preseason play. The netminder played 20:00 minutes in the first game allowing two goals and posting a .846 save percentage. His next performance was not much better as he allowed five goals and posted a .821 save percentage but played the entire game.

Who Could Come Calling?

It remains to be seen what the actual demands are for Robertson. But Dallas Stars Anton Khudobin is a player to watch for. It is the most logical player to be moved and could provide the necessary relief to sign their top goal scorer. But Robertson is far more valuable than Khudobin is at this point in his career. A team that is not super blessed in the nets, such as the Arizona Coyotes or Buffalo Sabres, could pry the player off their hands. Keep your eyes out, a move could be coming.

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