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Brock Boeser and Vancouver Canucks Reach Deal

Brock Boeser re-signed

The Vancouver Canucks made a big deal today and re-signed restricted free agent Brock Boeser. News of the deal broke early Friday evening and the contract is for three years and for $19.95 million. The average value works out to $6.65 million per season.

Brock Boeser Re-Signed to Deal

The Vancouver Canucks will be going into the 2022-23 season with the only major question mark on the team resolved. This was a pinch point in the young forward’s career, with an escalating contract leading to a $7.5 million qualifying offer. Between that high price, the COVID-limited cap, and a team that needs to find room, there were valid questions about where Boeser fit in the Canucks’ salary map.

They couldn’t justify paying him more than Elias Pettersson‘s $7.35 million over any kind of term. It would be hard to get any decent trade return, given that qualifier. The only real option was signing him – but for how much and how long was a gordian knot with a time limit.

That they reached a $6.65 million per season deal for the next three years. It is a relief for all concerned, including the fans. Now he just has to live up to it.

The Lead-Up

The Vancouver Canucks had one pressing contract to deal with this offseason. Yes, Juho Lammikko, Matthew Highmore, and Michael DiPietro were also RFAs, but really all the attention was on Boeser. And for good reason: no one knows exactly how his future is going to go. Boeser, despite his drop to just 23 goals and 46 points this year, is a top-line NHL player.

His expected goals per 60 minutes rating was the highest on the team last season. Yes, he’s a streaky scorer, but his year-by-year numbers are remarkably consistent. He’s had brutal losses in his personal life and has played through it all with immaculate grace. And he’s just 25 years old. He’s been through the fires and may come out the other side more determined than ever.

He has the skill and potential to blow past the 30-goal mark he’s never quite reached in any single season yet. He’s played at a 30-goal pace over his career, but injuries and, well, the last two years have conspired to shorten his seasons.

The Payoff

One of the benefits of getting the deal done is having a little more payroll certainty. General manager Patrik Allvin has plenty of juggling to do over the next year, and not worrying about Brock Boeser will help. Of course, a trade deal might still come during the season, but at least now his value is visible.

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