Dallas Stars Re-Sign Joe Pavelski

joe pavelski contract
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The Dallas Stars are keeping Joe Pavelski for at least one more playoff run. As first reported by The Fourth Period’s Dave Pagnotta and TSN’s Darren Dreger, they have signed the veteran forward for another year.

Joe Pavelski Re-Signed By Stars

Little Joe” continues his remarkable career for a 17th season not just as a veteran but a productive player. He currently leads the Stars in scoring with 22 goals and 59 points as a 37-year-old. Pavelski joined the Stars as a free agent in 2019, leaving a long and storied career with the San Jose Sharks. That story continues in Dallas, as he eases the Stars from a generation of older stars to new ones.

Joe Pavelski is finishing a three-year, $7 million deal where so far he’s scored 61 goals and 141 points in just 179 games. His signing was looked on with skepticism, given his age and the amount involved. But he has been worth every penny so far, bringing consistency to a team that hasn’t always been able to rely on their scoring stars. While his boxcars have never really stood out in any year, they have always been good. He’s dropped below .500 points per game twice – and those weren’t by much. This year, if he continues at this pace, will be his first above 1.000 points per game.

Add his advanced stats, and it’s easy to see why Dallas would bring him back for another year. He’s not finished a season below 54.6% Corsi. He’s an excellent faceoff man. If Dallas makes the playoffs this year, they’ll be able to rely on him just as much. His 61 goals and 119 playoff points is tenth among active players. His 13 goals last time the Stars made the playoffs led the team.

What This Means

The Dallas Stars are looking to keep a valuable player, but they are also keeping an eye on the future. The only pressing contract is goalie Jake Ottinger’s, so they are keeping this quiet leader for another year. That the deal can go up to $6 million with games played bonuses seem like a doddle for Pavelski. After all, Joe Pavelski has missed 50 games due to injury. In 16 years.

But sooner or later, he will retire, so going with a one-year, bonus-laden deal is as safe a bet as any team – or player – will make this year.

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