Vancouver Canucks Game Postponed

Canucks Game Postponed

One more week, one more Vancouver Canucks game postponed.

NHL Postpones Game for Financial Reasons

The Canucks have played one game so far this year, a New Year’s Day 5-2 win against the Seattle Kraken. The next game was supposed to be at home against the New York Islanders on Wednesday, but their entire road trip through Canada was cancelled. The reason is pretty straightforward: fan limits in various Canadian jurisdictions. There’s no more pretense of keeping either fans or players safe from the league, which is refreshing. Pretending these moves are about anything other than finances is gone with games continuing as scheduled in the US. Even so, the form is important for the team to maintain:

“COVID-19 cases continue to increase at a rapid rate, and we all need to adjust and be flexible as the pandemic evolves,” said Michael Doyle, President, Canucks Sports & Entertainment, Business Operations. “We hoped to play tomorrow, but we are at an important point of the pandemic, and given the size of the event, everyone involved believe this is the right decision. We thank everyone for their patience and understanding.”

Time and Patience

As has happened with another Canucks game postponed this season, fans should hold on to their tickets. The NHL is desperate to get the full schedule played this season. The players may hate losing their Olympic break, but they hate escrow more. If there’s going to be any chance of getting the salary cap moving again next season, it’ll be with every game played. And for that to happen, the various Canadian governments need to allow fans to congregate.

It’s too early to project the effect that the omicron will have before spring, never mind come summer. There’s a lot the league doesn’t want to have happen again, and playing regular-season games in June is one of them. This means a condensed schedule is coming, but when that schedule starts for Vancouver is a question. Their next home game is currently scheduled for January 21st, so the team isn’t hard-pressed for an answer just yet.

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