Jujhar Khaira Stretchered Off In Tuesday’s Game

Jujhar Khaira stretchered
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Chicago Blackhawks forward Jujhar Khaira needed to be stretchered off in Tuesday’s game against the New York Rangers. Jacob Trouba delivered a hit to Khaira, who had his head down skating out of the zone. He had no way to protect himself and also hit his head on the ice coming down. This is the third time a hit has caused him to go unconscious, which is extremely scary news for him. The entire hockey community wishes a safe and speedy recovery for Khaira. For sensitivity reasons, the hit will not be linked in this article.

Jujhar Khaira Stretchered Off After Hit

Regardless of how he’s been playing on the ice, and regardless of how “clean” or “dirty” the hit by Trouba was, this is an extremely scary situation.

Khaira had the puck at his feet leaving the Blackhawks’ defensive zone. Trouba stepped into the hit, leading with his shoulder. Khaira never saw the hit coming, as his head was down trying to corral the puck. Immediately, Blackhawks players swarmed Trouba in defence of Khaira, but he was already down and out cold. Whether Trouba intentionally was trying to hit his head is still being debated. Time will tell if Trouba receives additional punishment.

Khaira has been a solid player for the Blackhawks so far this season. The left-winger has two goals in 17 games this season, but his role isn’t really to score. He’s used as a hustling forward that can cause some chaos for the other team, leading to some excellent scoring chances. In his first season with Chicago, he’s averaging a little over 14 minutes of ice time per game.

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