Marian Gaborik Retires From Professional Hockey

Marian Gaborik
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NHL legend Marian Gaborik has retired from professional hockey at the age of 39 years old. His last season was with the Ottawa Senators in the 2017-18 season. He played for the Minnesota Wild, Los Angeles Kings, Columbus Blue Jackets, and New York Rangers in addition to the Senators throughout his career.

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Marian Gaborik Retires At The Age Of 39

Gaborik played for 17 years in the big leagues. Over 1,000 games played on NHL ice, Gaborik was a little injury-prone, only completing one full NHL season in his career. While his individual trophy cabinet is a little thin, his numbers speak to his greatness. In 1,035 games, Gaborik registered 815 points in the form of 407 goals and 408 assists, nearly perfectly balanced. That’s nearly 0.8 points per game for those counting at home. The right-winger was selected third overall by the Minnesota Wild in the 2000 NHL Entry Draft. Only Rick DiPietro and Dany Heatley were drafted before Gaborik in 2000.

In the playoffs, Gaborik was just as consistent. In his 84 playoff game appearances, he put up 58 points in the form of 32 goals and 26 assists. A Stanley Cup champion with the Kings during the 2013-14 seasons, Gaborik scored 14 goals during those 26 games.

Gaborik was a huge part of the 2000-2010s era in hockey. Comparing him to a player today is tough. However, Claude Giroux would be the closest thing to a Gaborik in today’s game. While hockey has become a lot faster over the decades, Giroux has a similar physicality and grit to his game that Gaborik brought to the ice. Giroux has also played almost as many seasons as Gaborik, although with only one team as opposed to five.

While Marian Gaborik retiring is a sad day for hockey, all he brought to the game is being used and transformed into play today. His impact and legacy he left behind will be remembered for decades to come.

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