Report: Mattias Janmark Signs With Vegas Golden Knights

Unrestricted free agent Mattias Janmark has signed a new deal with the Vegas Golden Knights. He was one of the few bright spots on the Chicago Blackhawks during a trying season. Bright enough that his trade to the Vegas Golden Knights brought back a second and a third-round pick, with a quick assist to the San Jose Sharks.

Mattias Janmark Signs Deal

Janmark (more accurately Janmark-Nylen) has spent his career living up to the Swedish Stereotype. He’s reliable defensively, has a high “hockey IQ”, can stand to shoot more, and is extremely versatile. His 2020-21 season is a pretty good encapsulation of all of that, really. In Chicago, he produced 10 goals and 19 points in just 41 games; with Vegas, that dropped to just one goal and five points in 15 games. But his job was different in each city, and he did well in both. He was expected to score in Chicago, and he did. With Vegas, he was given a matchup role and succeeded greatly there. His Corsi rocketed from 41.2% with the Blackhawks to 57% as a Golden Knight. A small sample size, certainly, but that change continued into the playoffs.

Working with Nicolas Roy and either Alex Tuch or Keegan Kolesar, Janmark kept a 53.9% Corsi and added four goals and eight points in 16 games.

What the *Insertteamhere* is Getting

When Mattias Janmark signs with your team, know he can go anywhere. That doesn’t mean he should go anywhere, however. While he started his career at centre, he was moved to the wing by year three and built his reputation there. Vegas did put him back briefly, but it really isn’t his best use.

He’s not up for physical battles, defending instead with his positioning and a fast stick. On the attack, he can join the power play or carry it himself at even strength. The one slight mark against him is that he plays best with a clearly defined role. Set him as a defensive forward, don’t expect a lot of joining the rush or breakout plays. Make him an attacker, and he’ll happily take risks to force the issue.

While he can be whatever’s needed, one certainty with Janmark is that he’ll earn his contract.

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