The Last Word on Hockey Show: Winnipeg Jets, Montreal Canadiens, Toronto Maple Leafs

Mark Scheifele
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The Stanley Cup Playoffs are underway and the first round is still going while the three other series will start round two and that means the Last Word on Hockey Show was back on the MAD Radio Network. Your host Jim Biringer from was back alongside Coach Jay and March Weiss. Jim and Marc are joined by Dave McCarthy, the host of the Sunday Brunch and Ice Cap on Sirius XM NHL Network Radio and Toronto correspondent on They discuss the Mark Scheifele Suspension and hit. Plus the Winnipeg Jets-Montreal Canadiens series. And course the Toronto Maple Leafs. Plus so much more.

The Last Word on Hockey Show: Mark Schiefele Suspension

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Mark Schiefele Suspension

Jim welcomes everyone to the show and dives right in talking about the Mark Scheifele four-game suspension for his charge on Montreal’s Jake Evans. All three agree the hit was unnecessary. McCarthy surprised by the length but is ok with it. McCarthy believes Scheifele could have something different and didn’t need to drive up on Evans. We all get to prevent a goal, but there are better ways to do it. As Jim notes if Scheifele tries to play the puck, which McCarthy says Scheifele should have not, he might have prevented a goal. As Marc notes the hero in all of this is Nikolaj Ehlers who protected Evans from the scrum.

Jets/Canadiens Series

Besides talking about the hit, the boys dive into the series, McCarthy believes the series is not over. He feels the Jets will make this a long series with Montreal. He was not impressed with Montreal, but they just played physically against the Maple Leafs. The goalie battle is what everyone is focused on between Connor Hellebuyck and Carey Price. But even with the loss of Scheifele for four games the Jets still have a good team. But as Jim notes can the Jets recover considering this is now the second straight postseason, the Jets lost Schefiele for a significant about of time.

Toronto Maple Leafs

The conversation shifts to the Maple Leafs. They discuss what went wrong and how the series was lost. The big thing for Toronto as McCarthy notes is how do they get a killer instinct. He does not believe the core four is changing much. He believes Toronto and Zach Hyman will get a deal done. Dave notes Hyman has the right to test free agency, but he is smart enough to know that Toronto might his best option since his support system is there. McCarthy notes that the Maple Leafs and Jason Spezza have the interest to get a new contract for next season. He does not see Frederick Andersen coming back.

The boys close out the show going around the rest of the second round of the playoffs looking at the Colorado Avalanche and Tampa Bay Lightning


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