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Vancouver Canucks Covid List Expands to 17 Players

Canucks Covid List

Rookie forward Nils Hoglander has been added to the Vancouver Canucks Covid list, adding to the 16 names previously there. There is no timetable for when the Canucks will resume hockey.

Vancouver Canucks Covid List Grows by One

Hoglander is the most recent of the Canucks players to join the list no one wants to be on. Their last played game was March 24, a 5-1 loss to the Winnipeg Jets. Many people are wondering how this will affect the rest of the Canucks regular season, and maybe even the playoffs. However, with so many players infected, the health and safety of players and their families is much more important than scheduling conflicts. Even though the North Division has been much safer than the three US divisions, the ever-expanding Canucks Covid list is certainly frightening. Players and coaches will need to be extremely cautious to make sure every team finishes the season healthy. The NHL could institute fines or other punishments for not strictly following protocols. It will be up to each individual to make smart decisions and be safe in order for the season to finish smoothly.

Assuming all players and family members will come out of this healthy, the NHL will be making some big decisions. It seems the Canucks will be missing at least one more week before they can play another team. Having rest is good for players, but too much is an easy way to become rusty. Especially after beating Covid, these players will likely not be in top-tier condition. While there is money to be earned by making the playoffs, the Canucks will likely be rudely sent home by the top seed if they squeeze in. It might be a smart idea to finish the season and miss the playoffs, and fully recover for next season’s start.

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