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Grading NHL Reverse Retro Jerseys: Metropolitan Division

Reverse Retro Jerseys

The National Hockey League through their sponsor Addidas released Reverse Retro Jerseys for all 31 teams. Each jersey is unique in its own way featuring something from a team’s past. Here at the Last Word on Hockey will be looking at all 31 jerseys and grading them by division. First up is the Metropolitan Division.

Metropolitan Division Reverse Retro Jerseys

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Carolina Hurricanes – (A)

When we are talking about Retro jerseys, the Carolina Hurricanes have one of the better jerseys. Even though some may say they have no ties to Hartford anymore. Just seeing the old Hartford Whalers logo makes everyone smile. That grey base on the jersey makes the logo stand out perfectly. Not to mention the whale logo on the shoulders adds a little flare to the jersey. Plus not only does the jersey make reference to the past, but the present as well. The Connecticut Whale, one of six teams in the National Women’s Hockey League, uses the whale as their logo so meshing the two together is really cool to see. A job well done designing this jersey.

New Jersey Devils – (A)

Atop the list is the New Jersey Devils. The Devils throwing it back to their original colours of red, white, and green. Everyone used to say they had Christmas tree jerseys. Well, now they do. The Devils jersey is all green with red shoulders and red and white trim. Normally the Devils would either wear their red road jersey or white home jersey from the inaugural season in 1982. This is something different and the Devils decided to go all the way with the Christmas tree gimmick. One of the better jerseys from the Reverse Retro collection.

New York Rangers – (A-)

Next on the list is the New York Rangers Liberty inspired jersey. The Rangers first used the Statue of Liberty on their third jersey starting in the 1996-1997 season. It featured a dark blue like the new Adidas one does from the 2020-21 season but also went through some variations. In the 1997-98 season, they changed from the dark blue to a white-based jersey with “Lady Liberty” on the front. Eventually the Rangers back to the dark blue base before retiring the jersey in 2007. However, fans have been clamouring for the Liberty Jersey to come back. And while some fans may not like how it came keeping things simple is always best. That is what the Rangers did here with this jersey.

Washington Capitals – (B+)

The Washington Capitals are throwing it back to the mid-1990s. Washington is bringing back the screaming eagle as well as the Capital building on the shoulders. The Capitals used this logo when they went to the Stanley Cup Final in 1998 losing to the Detroit Red Wings in four games. However, back then the Capitals used white, blue and brown as the colours. This time around the Capitals are keeping with tradition sticking with red, white, and blue. This one is more middle of the pack, but not a miss by no means.

Pittsburgh Penguins – (B)

Like the Capitals, the Pittsburgh Penguins are going back to the mid-1990s. Instead of using the Penguin head, the team chose to go with the white version of Pittsburgh spelled out across the jersey. The Penguins used the darker version of this when Mario Lemieux was on hiatus from the game. Most fans remember Jaromir Jagr and Ron Francis wearing that jersey. This jersey is trimmed with gold and black. Again nothing special here. Simple and to the point.

Philadelphia Flyers – (B)

The Philadelphia Flyers kept their reverse retro jersey simple. They have the Flyers logo on the front. Instead of going with a darker colour jersey, the Flyers stayed with orange as the base with black shoulders and white trim. Overall, it is pretty plain for these jerseys. However, the team certainly did a good job contrasting the jersey. But compared to some others in the division this one doesn’t stand out as much others do. Again nothing against the jersey, there is not a lot you can do with this colour scheme.

New York Islanders – (B-)

Many fans of the New York Islanders wanted the Old Fisherman jersey to come back. However, that was never going to happen under current general manager Lou Lamoriello. In fact, if Lamoriello had his way there would be no third jersey. During his time with the Devils, Lamoriello fought hard against them bringing back their original colours. However, for a once a year event, he was ok with it. The Islanders kept things simple. Really much no change other than a darker shade of blue on the jersey similar to their 1980 jersey.

Columbus Blue Jackets – (D)

Out of all the jerseys in the division, the Columbus Blue Jackets are the worst. Nothing against the Blue Jackets, they have a fine team on the ice, but their jersey looks more like a 1980s Capitals jersey than it does a Blue Jackets jersey. Especially with the way the colour scheme and pattern is lined up on the jersey. One of the cool features of the jersey is the shoulder patch with the cannon on it saying Columbus Blue Jackets. As the Blue Jackets enter their 20th season of existence, the logo reminds people of the old bug jersey from 2000.

There you have it. Here are grades and rankings for the 2020-21 Reverse Retro jerseys for the Metropolitan Division. Let us know your comments below or right here.

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