NHL 2019-20 Predictions: Real Hockey Talk Podcast #6

NHL 2019-20 predictions

Today’s show takes place at Carlos O’Brien’s Mexican restaurant. Regular KDUS 1060am (NBC Sports Radio affiliate) host Greg Isaac is joined by William Grigsby of lastwordonhockey.com. Today we will discuss some NHL 2019-20 predictions as well as trades which have transpired recently.

We also have Jim Biringer a new writer at lastwordonhockey.com joining us to discuss his take on NHL happenings. Jim has some good insight on the New Jersey Devils as he was able to see the first overall draft pick Jack Hughes play in the prospect camp. He fills us in on how Hughes will fit into the Devils lineup and also comments on the big trade sending P.K Subban to the New Jersey club.

Real Hockey Talk Podcast #6

Discussion Topics

  • First off Greg and William discuss the trade this week involving Milan Lucic and James Neal. Who won the trade and how will it affect each team?
  • Next, we discuss a hilarious video by Jillian Fisher where she presents her top-10 2019-20 NHL predictions for next season. Here’s what she predicts and we comment on her choices.

Next Segment

The next segment we chat about the possibility of a Jonathan Quick trade to the Columbus Blue Jackets who lost their top netminder when Sergei Bobrovsky decided to sign with the Florida Panthers.

We then rank 13 players to start a new team. The list of players is:

Final Segment

Greg and William discuss how the Mitch Marner contract situation is progressing, and who may sign Jake Gardiner.

We finish off the show making some NHL 2019-20 predictions on who we think will make the playoffs next season.


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