Chicago Blackhawks Christmas Wish 2018

Blackhawks Christmas Wish

It’s time for the annual Chicago Blackhawks Christmas Wish. It’s that time of the year when we delve into the Chicago Blackhawks world and see what kind of Christmas Wish should be made for them. Last year’s Blackhawks Christmas Wish was for more power play success. The fact that the team has once again the worst power play in the NHL this season proves not all Christmas wishes come true. What will this year bring from Santa?

Blackhawks Christmas Wish 2018

After another summer of questionable moves by Stan Bowman, social media was out of control tearing into the general manager for not doing enough to make the team better. The Blackhawks roster had many questions about goaltending, defence, and a dark future with too many unmovable anchor contracts. Things were not looking up as the Blackhawks prepared for the 2018-19 NHL season.

Then the Chicago Blackhawks started off the season in style. They were winning games with cardiac inducing multi-goal comebacks ending in overtime. Everyone was excited as they began the season 6-2-2. After the great start, unfortunately, reality set in on a roster that was doomed to fail based on years under Stan Bowman’s control.

In a rash move, the team then chose to fire long-time coach Joel Quenneville. The news of Quenneville’s firing was met with an instant backlash among the Blackhawks faithful. Firing a three-time Stanley Cup-winning coach was questioned over and over as not solving the problem.

Sadly new coach Jeremy Colliton is not having much more success since taking over the struggling team. The Blackhawks are currently 10-19-6 with the worst power play (11.4%), the worst penalty killing (71.8%), and the most goals given up (134) in the NHL. In worse news, they lost number one goalie Corey Crawford to another concussion Sunday night. Things suddenly just got worse for the original six franchise.

Santa Claus Time

It’s at this special time of the year we look deep inside the Chicago Blackhawks and find a general manager who is running out of excuses. Stan Bowman needs a Christmas miracle to help turn his team around. Below you will find an adaption of “Twas the Night Before Christmas” that sums up the Blackhawks Christmas wish of a beleaguered general manager.

Little Stanley’s Christmas Wish

Twas the week before Christmas, all quiet in the U.C.

Not a creature was stirring, except little Stanley

He sat in his office, all sad and alone

Reading blogs and social media, all with such a mean tone

Reading and searching all through the night

Hoping someone would put him in a good light

He searched and looked up everything Hawks

Even tuning in to some live podcast talks

But the coverage was all bad about his team these days

Their record, their effort, especially the power plays

When out in the hallway arose such a clatter

Stanley leapt from his chair to see what was the matter

He looked and found Santa lurking nearby in the hall

Stanley thought to himself “Man, Santa is quite tall”

Stanley thought and then said, “Santa why do you look so lost?”

“I could really use your help Santa, I’ll pay any cost”

Santa replied, “why little man do you have such a frown?”

Stanley said “Nobody appreciates what I’ve done for this town”

“I’ve brought three Cups to the fans, yet they still want more”

“My drafts, my trades, and free agents have made them all sore”

“So, I need your help Santa, grant me one Christmas wish”

“Bring just one more Cup, I am so longing to kiss”

Santa stood tall and thought for a bit

“My boy, your drafts, your trades, and your free agents mostly went to $#*+”

“If you had just planned better, you might have had another Cup times two”

Santa then winked and said with a grin, “and you should never have fired Q”

Stanley then sobbed “but Santa, Q wouldn’t go along with what I would say”

“You blame him Stanley? Hockey’s a game you didn’t ever play”

“Now you’d better turn things around if you can find a way”

“Or I will be delivering you a Christmas card just like I did Billy Reay” 

Happy Holidays Everyone!


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