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New Inter Ownership: What It Means for the Club

Inter players celebrate with the Serie A trophy

Inter is not only one of the strongest and most important teams in Italy but also one of the most important worldwide, with fans dotted around the globe. Naturally, any change in ownership attracts significant interest, including who the new owners will be, what they will bring to the club, and what fans should expect for the future. This article explains the current ownership situation of the Champions of Italy and what it means for the team.

New Inter Ownership

What Has Happened

Inter just won the Serie A title this season, earning the second star on their shirt. However, the celebrations of the fans and the squad were somewhat overshadowed by the news that the Zhang family, the club’s owners, were struggling to repay a €275 million loan (plus interest, totalling €375 million) due by May 20, 2024. Consequently, the American fund Oaktree was set to take over as owners, ending the Zhang family’s eight-year tenure.

To understand this situation better, let’s start from the beginning. In 2021, amid the pandemic, Inter’s owner, Steven Zhang, faced significant financial difficulties. These challenges were exacerbated by the Chinese government’s decision to halt investments in foreign football clubs. In May 2021, Zhang secured a €275 million loan from the American fund Oaktree, with interest bringing the total to €375 million, which he needed to repay within three years, by May 20, 2024.

Despite these financial hurdles, Inter improved significantly, winning various titles. They had to sell key players like Romely Lukaku, Achraf Hakimi, and Andre Onana to manage its finances, yet it maintained a high standard. Over eight years, the Zhang ownership led Inter to seven titles, making Steven the second-most successful president in the club’s history.

The year 2024 was crucial for both the team and its fans. Thanks to a spectacular term and a fantastic style of play, they won the Serie A title and added the second star to their shirt. Meanwhile,  Zhang needed to repay the Oaktree loan. He entered negotiations with another private investment fund, Pimco, to secure a new loan to repay Oaktree and retain control of the club for a few more years.

However, these negotiations fell through. Despite extended talks with Oaktree to delay the repayment, no agreement was reached. Consequently, Inter’s ownership transferred from the Zhang family to the American fund Oaktree.

New Inter Ownership & What it All Means

In the next weeks, Inter will change its board of administration. The new Inter ownership will appoint a new president and board members. From a sporting perspective, this change will not affect the team significantly. The current directors—Marotta, Ausilio, Baccin, and Antonello—will remain, as will coach Simone Inzaghi and the players.

The new owners aim to maintain the side’s recent success and improve its financial standing before potentially selling it. During this transition, they will address bureaucratic steps to establish the new board and president. Afterwards, Marotta and Ausilio will continue their work in the transfer market. Inter has already signed new players like Piotr Zieliński and Mehdi Taremi and is negotiating contract renewals for Lautaro Martinez, Nicolò Barella, and coach Inzaghi.

In conclusion, Nerrazurri fans should remain calm. Despite the ownership change, the club’s objectives remain unchanged. Inter will continue to compete for important titles, just as it has in the past.


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