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777’s Potential Ownership Of Everton Close To Collapsing

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In September of 2023 Everton’s major shareholder, Farhad Moshiri, agreed to a deal in principle to sell his 94.1% shares to 777 Partners. The Miami-based firm is looking to add the Toffees to a portfolio of football clubs across multiple continents. But reports are that the deal has fallen through amid financial difficulties from 777 Partners.

777 Are Not The Way Forward For Everton

What Has Gone Wrong For 777

When this deal was first announced, questions were raised about where 777 would get the capital. They have been embroiled in financial controversies in recent history, which is a major reason behind them not directly passing the Premier League’s ‘Fit and Proper’ guidelines. The league granted the firm conditional approval, namely if they could show proof of funds, for the purchase of Everton.

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But it has all fallen apart over the last week. Standard Liege, a club in their portfolio, has faced mass protests from fans that caused their most recent match to be postponed. The protest is about reports that players and staff will not be paid until the end of the season as the team faces financial issues.

Moshiri has also told 777 that he is looking for alternative investors, according to The Bobble. This news comes as 777 co-founders Josh Wander and Steve Pasko were removed from the board of their football division of the company.

What’s Next For Everton

777 still has the chance to purchase Everton with the deadline being the end of the month. To do this they will have to present Moshiri and the Premier League with proof that they have enough funds to pay off necessary debts and to operate the club going forward.

If this is not the case it is reported that the club could be on the brink of administration, in part due to the £200+ million that 777 has already loaned them having to be paid back. If this is the case, they could face another points deduction heading into next season.

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But there is hope that another owner could be in the works. There are talks that MSP Sports Capital could make its way back into the fold. MSP is a private investment based out of New York and is involved in numerous European clubs including FC Augsburg in the Bundesliga.

The group is another firm that has loaned money to the Toffees, this time due to the construction of the club’s new stadium. They have also previously made attempts to become shareholders, previously trying to purchase a 25% stake in the club.

MSPs are seen as a superior option to 777 as they have a more stable financial situation. If it is to be the New York-based firm or another party that ends up purchasing Everton, it seems that 777 could be the worst option of them all.


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