Racist Abuse: More allegations After Anthony Elanga Claim and Wembley Stadium Incident

racist abuse
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Manchester United youngster Anthony Elanga has alleged he was a victim of racist abuse during Sweden u21s’ 1-1 draw against Italy on Tuesday night (October 12, 2021). This follows on from the other apparent racist incident on the same night, at Wembley Stadium, where a Hungarian fan was arrested.

The Racist Abuse Incidents on Tuesday Night

Anthony Elanga’s Racial Abuse Allegation

The Swedish FA reported the alleged incident just after midnight and that there is an Italian international involved.

The statement on Svenskfotboll.se reads: “In connection with the U21 national team’s European Championship qualifier against Italy in Monza on Tuesday, Anthony Elanga has stated after the match that he has been subjected to a racist comment from an opponent in the Italian U21 national team.”

Claes Eriksson, Sweden Under-21 and youth team head coach, added that details have been passed onto the match officials and delegates in light of the situation.

“We have told our version of what happened and have submitted an oral report to both the referees and the match delegates,” Eriksson said.

“Now we are waiting for feedback through the match report and the referee report. Once they have arrived, we decide how to proceed. Safety manager Martin Fredman is also informed of what has happened.

“No one should have to be exposed to racism, it is completely unacceptable. We all stand behind and support Anthony in this.”

Elanga has made one appearance for Ole Gunnar Solskjær’s Manchester United side this season when he was a 73rd-minute substitute during United’s Carabao Cup home defeat to West Ham United.

The Fight At Wembley Stadium

Elanga’s allegation follows on from last nights incident at Wembley Stadium.

The Metropolitan Police were pictured with Hungarian supporters in the away end during the opening five minutes of the match. They were seen attempting to use their batons to control the crowd but were forced back down the stairs and into the concourse.

The Met confirmed the episode occurred as a result of officers arresting a travelling fan for allegedly racially abusing a steward.

“Shortly after the start of tonight’s match at Wembley, officers entered the stand to arrest a spectator for a racially aggravated public order offence following comments made towards a steward.

“As the officers made the arrest, minor disorder broke out involving other spectators. Order was quickly restored and there have been no further incidents at this stage.”

In September, Hungary were fined £158,400 and ordered to play two matches behind closed doors by UEFA – though one of those games has been suspended for two years. They had been found to have directed racist abuse towards England players.

Derogatory events relating to Hungary have snowballed quickly. Euro 2020 cast greater light on the vast amount of unacceptable behaviour from the Eastern European country and UEFA’s inability – or neglect – to quash it.

The black-shirt supporters, who sit behind a goal at the Puskás Arena, are the most noticeable example of unacceptable behaviour.

The two latest incidents shed more shadows on football’s governing failure to actively deal with racism within the sport.


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