Predicting the Champion of this Year’s Serie A

Serie A

If there is one thing that dominates the Italian gambling scene, it has to be football. Many Serie A fans worldwide don their favourite Italian football club shirt, attend matches, and bet on their adored club every year.

Milan’s San Siro, Roma’s Olimpico, Juventus’ Allianz Stadium are all flocked with football fans, waving the team flag. Year on year, hoping for their beloved team to win. Truth be told, there were times where we all knew that Juventus would win the league, but times have changed.

Many years ago, a match-fixing scandal dubbed Calciopoli saw major teams relegated, yet Italian football is back with a bang and more competitive than ever.

Today as the 2020/2021 football season kicks off, we take a look at the bookmakers rating guide to see who will make it, who will barely get saved and who will most probably get relegated. It is still early days, but let’s get a headstart on the top teams’ performances.

Predicting This Year’s Serie A Winners


The Turin team dubbed ‘la Vecchia signora’ have always been a powerhouse, but will they still deliver that football magic even with Cristiano Ronaldo leaving?

Juventus are still in an excellent position to make it to the top with players like Paulo Dybala, Matthijs De Legit and Moise Keane. The positive thing about Juventus is that their Allianz Stadium is a moneymaker, allowing the club to reign in the best talent.

Overall, Juventus (sans Ronaldo) still dominate the bookmaker rating. They kicked off the season with a draw to Inter Milan and a loss to Napoli. There are many more matches to come and time for the Bianconeri to redeem themselves.

With Alvaro Moratta, Kaio Jorge, and even Dybala out of the game, will Juventus be able to win? And will the Bianconero top the Serie A league table again?  We need to wait and see!

Inter Milan

Inter Milan have played four games so far, winning three and drawing one, thus giving the team a solid start.

Scoring four goals against Genoa on the opening day gave Inter Milan the boost they needed to dominate the league table. The following game saw Inter win 3-1 against Verona, further fuelling the team to reach the league’s top.

October 24 cannot come any sooner, as this is the day that Inter Milan square off with Juventus, a challenging game with both of them eyeing the top position.

Despite Inter’s turbulent relationship with fans, the media, and the dressing room, they seem to be at a good start to head to the top ranks.


Napoli have always been a great football team after Diego Maradona was one of their star players back in the days.

The group currently leads the Serie A charts, yet teams like AC Milan and Juventus want to take the crown this year. Do Napoli have the same vibe and players to compete?

They won their first match against Juventus and followed that with a 4-0 win against Udinese.

Napoli are currently predicted to make it to the top five, so we would need to wait and see if the weight of the Europa League will have an adverse effect on Napoli.

AC Milan

Everyone who follows Serie A football knows that AC Milan’s scudetto and arch-enemy is Inter Milan.

Last season, AC Milan finished runner-up, with Inter Milan taking the top spot. To say that AC Milan want to win this season is an understatement.

They kicked off the season with a 2-0 win against Lazio, followed by a 1-1 draw against Juventus. Having players such as Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Sandro Tonoli and Daniel Maldini on their squad, AC Milan’s odds are pretty favourable with bookies’ ratings.

Although the team also has major Champions League games to play and hopefully win, nothing stops AC Milan from dominating Serie A.

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The days of Juventus dominating the scene are over as other teams compete to reach the pinnacle of Italian football.

Compare bookmakers, find the best odds and wager on your favourite football club. Thrills, bets and goals everywhere chasing the Italian Scudetto!


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