Boris Johnson Holds European Super League Meeting

European Super League

Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport Oliver Dowden met with representatives from the FA and the Premier League to discuss the options to block the proposed European Super League.

Johnson Meets With FA and Premier League to Stop European Super League

Prime Minister Promises That ‘No Action is Off the Table’ in Regards to European Super League

Johnson had promised to ‘support football authorities’ in taking action against the proposed Super League when news began circulating of the proposal on Sunday.

Several politicians including Jeremy Corbyn have expressed similar concern over the plans since the news circulated.

The Prime Minister met today with representatives of English football’s governing bodies and football fan groups to speak about the options available in stopping the proposed breakaway league from happening.

Johnson posted a photo of the meeting which happened remotely earlier on Twitter. The tweet read: “Earlier @OliverDowden and I met with representatives from the @FA, @PremierLeague and football fan groups to discuss action against the proposed European Super League.

“No action is off the table and we are exploring every possibility to ensure these proposals are stopped.”

Potential Action

The UK government can introduce legislation that would block participation in the European Super League for English clubs, which would almost certainly make the entire concept unattainable.

The government can even use existing legal mechanisms to force the sale of each of the ‘big six’ clubs as the plan of the European Super League goes against the interest of British business.

While a compulsory sale would appease fans who are currently disgusted at the ownership of the clubs they support, it would not solve the issue of greed and anti-competitiveness that is currently rife in English football.

A restructuring of club ownership law and legal protection of the interests of fans can be introduced to prevent similar proposals and acts against fans’ interests in the future. This action feels necessary after such a seismic move from England and Europe’s biggest clubs against the interest of their supporters.

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