Jurgen Klopp on Real Madrid Clash and Trent Alexander-Arnold

Jurgen Klopp

Liverool manager Jurgen Klopp spoke today about what Liverpool must do differently if they are to progress to the Champions League semi-finals tomorrow night, saying his side must be at their ‘top level’ and ‘start believing again’.

Jurgen Klopp Talks About How Liverpool Can Progress

Liverpool Must Defend at ‘Highest Level’

Speaking ahead of tomorrow night’s Champions League quarter-final clash with Real Madrid, Klopp highlighted the Reds’ defensive performance in Madrid.

Emphasising the need for a solid defensive performance, Klopp said: “With the quality Madrid have, we have to defend on our absolute highest level and that’s what we didn’t do the other night.

“The clean sheet will be very important, but it’s not too different from any other game. You can’t ignore defending, you get punished for sure. I’ve no idea if any team in the world can deny Real from having any chances.”

The German also noted the importance that his side believes they can qualify. Despite recent poor form, Klopp believes to beat Madrid Liverpool needs to ‘see it’s possible’ to progress.

Creating a Comeback Atmosphere Without the Fans

Jurgen Klopp believes his side must replicate the atmosphere of previous comebacks at Anfield themselves. On whether his side can recreate famous nights without the fans, the Liverpool boss said: “We will see, some of the players were involved [in previous comebacks]. You cannot take it for granted, you never could and you never should. That’s it, pretty much.

“You don’t get a comeback because you had a comeback in the past. You only have a chance if you play really good football in the present. That’s what we have to do. We have to play like ourselves, we have to play as good as we can, we have to try to win that game – and just that. Then we will see where the result leads us to.”

Andy Robertson joined his manager at the press conference and spoke about the importance of viewing this as a normal game and doing what Liverpool must always do – put the opponent under pressure: “It’s important we go into it as a normal game. Play our own game, put them under pressure, and try and win the game. Always the same. At Liverpool, the pressure is to win every game.

“We’ve given ourselves a chance. It’s up to us to use. Some are writing us off and we have to change that. Be as positive as we can. It’s a huge task in front of us but we believe we can win any game and let’s see if it is enough on the night. We want to win the game on the night and see what that does. We’ll make it an uncomfortable night for them.”

Alexander-Arnold Has Not Been in a ‘Dark Place’, Says Jurgen Klopp

When asked about the performance of Trent Alexander-Arnold against Aston Villa in comparison with the rest of this season, the Liverpool manager felt his right-back’s performance on Saturday was a ‘lift’ from a ‘dark place’. On Alexander-Arnold’s form, he said: “Did he play exactly as good as he could have played or played in the past? I don’t even know 100 percent. But then it started this discussion [that] he ‘raises his game’. He had assists for us before that.

“Yes, it’s a special situation, he reacted really well and that’s important. But it’s not that he was in a dark place and had to lift himself out of that, he just didn’t get selected for England, that was all.”

Robertson also spoke about recent criticism of his teammate, saying he should take the conversation around him as a compliment: “I know it is hard for Trent but he should take it as a compliment that so much noise is made. For me, someone who is close to him, it’s about helping his confidence stay high because no one can touch him like that. He’s a strong character.

“It’s just about trying to not let [criticism] affect him because when he does that I don’t think anyone can touch Trent.”

Robertson also described his winner against Aston Villa as a ‘huge goal’, and that it was the sign of a ‘world-class player’.

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