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Juventus Set to Feature In Amazon’s All or Nothing Series

Juventus are set for an All or Nothing Amazon series to be released in 2021. They're the first Italian side to have a series made about them.

Juventus are set to be featured as the next club on Amazon’s All or Nothing series. They will be the first Italian side to allow the cameras behind-the-scenes access to the club.

Juventus Set for All or Nothing

Cristiano Ronaldo Expected to Be the Star

The series was announced by the club on Twitter on Tuesday morning and will follow the team through the 2020/21 season. This means it will capture Andrea Pirlo’s first season in charge of the Bianconeri, which could be the first time since 2010/11 that they haven’t won Serie A.

Amazon has received high praise in the past for their All or Nothing series’ with Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur, as well as teams from other sports.

The series is likely to give an insight into how the team prepares for fixtures, spend their time in between games and show viewers the atmosphere inside the dressing room.

Considering his global status, it would be very surprising if there isn’t an extra focus on Cristiano Ronaldo within the show.

Becoming a Commercial Juggernaut

This move by Juventus is further evidence that the club is trying to reach the commercial level of teams like Real Madrid and Manchester United. Within the past five years, the club has made a series of decisions aimed and improving the commercial side of the club.

They redesigned the club crest in 2017 to its current simple ‘J’. The minimalist design was sold as a look towards the future. Ironically in 2018, they released a Netflix documentary series called First Team: Juventus. This didn’t receive anywhere near as much acclaim as Amazon’s All or Nothing shows have had, but it certainly suggests this is something Juve have wanted for a long time.

Perhaps seen as a poor move by many, they also decided to work exclusively with Pro Evolution Soccer instead of the FIFA video games. All these decisions are aimed at raising the brand profile of Juventus.

The best way to add value to your brand and merchandise, however, is to buy Cristiano Ronaldo. Whilst of course football, mainly Champions League success, was the main driver in this transfer, Juve will have been all too aware of the off-the-pitch financial benefits to owning Ronaldo.

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