Jose Mourinho is the Right Man For Tottenham Hotspur

Jose Mourinho, also known as the ‘Special One,’ hasn’t lost the magic touch just yet. After Manchester United humiliatingly sacked him, many fans assumed that the Premier League had seen the last of the Portuguese, but then Tottenham Hotspur took a chance on him.

Mourinho has shown his class while at Tottenham. After a difficult start, Spurs have won four out of their last six games. This included an impressive come from behind win against Arsenal in the North London Derby.

While they finished outside of the Champions League spots, Tottenham under Mourinho has shown that they are in a position to compete next season.

Jose Mourinho is the Man to Lead Tottenham Hotspur

What has Jose Mourinho done at Tottenham?

For what seems like ages, Harry Kane has been Tottenham’s talisman. The striker has scored 143 goals in 210 appearances while at the club.

While his numbers have been spectacular, it has led to Tottenham being over-reliant on their captain. If Kane didn’t produce then no one would.

However, Mourinho has also helped other players develop at White Hart Lane. The biggest case in point is right-back Serge Aurier. The former PSG man struggled under the previous manager, Mauricio Pochettino. But, under Mourinho, he has been transformed into a competent player.

His defensive improvement is shown by the fact that he has averaged more clearances and won more tackles per game than in 2018/2019. And Aurier is definitely a fan of the Special One.

“For me, yes, he is in the three best managers in the world because he has won so many trophies,” said Aurier. “When you win so many trophies with different teams, I think you are the best.”

With the club in a bad financial situation, it will be up to Mourinho to get the most from what he already has. Aurier’s transformation proves he is the man to do it.

No Nonsense Attitude

Jose Mourinho certainly has one thing going for him and that’s confidence.

“I believe Tottenham is not going to be my only club without silverware. I won it at every club and I believe I am going to do it also with Tottenham.

“I am here for three or four months. I took on the team in a very difficult situation and now it is even more difficult with so many problems we’re having but I believe in me, in the players, in the club and I believe that during my contract I am going to help the club to do it,” said the Portuguese manager in a TalkSPORT interview.

And this confidence seems to be rubbing off on the players. Under his leadership, the club has defeated Manchester City without Harry Kane and Arsenal while going a goal behind.

It’s clear to see that the club no longer has that “Spurs mentality” that has plagued them for so long. Examples of this problem include a 5-1 defeat to Newcastle on the final day of the season in 2016. Due to this defeat, the club missed a golden chance to finish second in the league.

Yet, Mourinho has eliminated this problem. Arguably, the most confident man in world football, it seems that his team has adapted his mentality.

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  1. the basic tenet is are we happy to be a defensive counter attacking team ?
    my view is that would be acceptable against the strongest of opposition but it seems absurd to use it against ,with due respect , the likes of crystal palace

  2. Why not be happy with a “defensive counter attacking team?” Didn’t France win the World Cup as a “defensive counterattacking team?” I don’t think anybody in France is complaining.

    There’s nothing that keeps a “defensive counter attacking team” from scoring a lot of goals. Check the stats of some of Mourinho’s title winning teams. They scored a lot. His strikers had very successful seasons.

    Don’t forget that Man City’s beautiful attacking style team got thrashed by Norwich at the beginning of the season.

    Winning is beautiful. Trophies are beautiful. People shouldn’t dwell how you get there.

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