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REPORT: SPFL Plan Further Reconstruction Talks

Even though Scottish football has not seen a ball kicked since March, there has been plenty of drama generated these past few months and with talk of reconstruction continually dragging on, time is running out to make an absolute decision.

With plans to restart the Premiership on August 1, any modification of the league structure will need to be made within the next week or so and with one final roll of the dice, clubs are now being asked to consider a 14-10-10-10 setup.

Due to Hearts suffering the ignominy of relegation before the Premiership season was played to a conclusion, they have been the most vocal party in terms of any reconstruction discussion and with owner Ann Budge pushing this at every turn, they are not taking demotion lying down.

SPFL Plan Further Reconstruction Talks

The Winds Of Change

Threats of legal action if the Edinburgh outfit are eventually relegated have lingered for too long and now and with the SPFL themselves now seemingly pushing for a change, it does seem as if this plan could finally get over the line.

With Ann Budge herself being tasked with trying to find a solution, she has been bogged down by a refusal to take on board new ideas and with the option of 14-14-14 proving to be unsuccessful, her plans were nearly torpedoed by Rangers.

The Glasgow outfit recently made a controversial alternative suggestion and one that would see both theirs and Celtic’s Colts (otherwise known as B-teams) enter the league pyramid at a newly enlarged third tier.

The reception to this plan was lukewarm at the best and the fear is that if the two giants of the Scottish game were given further assistance in their continual dominance, it would only serve to further weaken the rest.

Back to the Start

Which brings up almost full circle to where we are now and Hearts once again pushing for an enlarged top flight, in addition to both Partick Thistle and Stranraer also not suffering the fate of an unfair relegation.

With the latest setup being mooted, it means that no club would be punished by the pandemic and it would also open up the league doors to Kelty Hearts and Brora Rangers, who themselves were denied an opportunity at a League 2 promotion play-off.

Reconstruction has been on the cards for a while now and although there is a sense that this has only been accelerated due to the value that Hearts would bring to the Premiership next season, it does seem as if the appetite for change is starting to grow.

Which means if an inductive vote has enough backing, it will finally go to 42 club members vote to be rubber-stamped. Should that be the case, the courtroom drama will not be required, and the focus can finally return to the playing field.

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