Here’s Every Intriguing Fact About Chelsea That You Ought to Know

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Chelsea are a powerhouse team that has some of the best football stars to walk the face of the earth. That’s not all there is to the club. With a large fan base across the globe, it has led to a rise of enthusiastic punters.

During Chelsea games, punters from all across the world strive to wager bets across multiple betting platforms, including casino online. All of these are in a bid to win with the Blues. However, how well do you know Chelsea? Here are some intriguing facts that probably you didn’t know.

Every Intriguing Fact About Chelsea That You Ought to Know

Its Establishment

It’s often a buzz kill if one asks about your favourite club’s establishment, and you lack a clue. However, you can quickly update yourself and know that the team first got established in the year 1904. A renowned businessman, Gus Mears, of this time, acquired the famous Stamford Bridge stadium. He faced rejection when he intended to lease out the athletics stadium to Fulham. However, that wasn’t a deterring factor as he set out to own his first club. That’s when Chelsea came to life.

Over time, the stadium ownership got handed over to the fans. The pitch, freehold, Chelsea naming rights, and turnstiles were owned by the Chelsea pitch owners. It’s a non-profit organization where the stakeholders are the fans.

The First League to Be Won

Are you aware that the Blues won their first league title in 1954/55? In the subsequent season, UEFA came up with the European Championship competition. However, this move got faced with lots of various objections. It led to Chelsea withdrawing from the tournament. It was Real Madrid who ended up winning the competition.

Chelsea Have The Highest Points Total

Another intriguing detail about the Blues is that they have one of the highest points totals for a Premier League season (95). They also have some of the fewest goal records that concede during a league season. They continue to have one of the most exceptional consecutive clean sheets.

The Record Players

The Blues are a thrilling team as they have a record of the youngest and the oldest players who play for the team. One of the youngest players to play for Chelsea is Ian Hamilton at age 16 on 18th March 1967. Another notable player by the name Mark Schwarzer was the oldest to play for the team on 24 September 2013.

The Longest Streak Record

Another fact is that Chelsea hold a peculiar record for unbeaten matches at home. They had a run of 86 games back from 26th March 2004 to 26th October in 2008.

You can catch Chelsea live games online and reminisce on the good old times. However, at a time when the English Premier League is suspended, you should despair. It’s time to polish your gambling skills in multiple sites such as casino online. Thus, when the Premier League resumes, you can wager on your favourite team and win big time. It’s exciting to get all facts straight to have much more to discuss when you’re with other comrades.


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