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Straight-Talking Danny Rose Reveals Tottenham Hotspur Hierarchy Rift

Danny Rose has taken to the stand once more to reveal his intentions to see out his contract. He reveals a tension between manager and chairman.
Danny Rose

Once more, Danny Rose takes to the media to talk honestly about his situation at Tottenham Hotspur. The player has previously expressed his concerns at his treatment by the club. But, Rose will firmly remain at Spurs until his contract ends. He gave an interview with The Evening Standard’s Dan Kilpatrick. In this, Rose’s words hint at a disconnect between manager Mauricio Pochettino, and Daniel Levy and the board that operate above him.

Danny Rose Reveals Tottenham Hotspur Hierarchy Rift

Levy Wants Danny Rose Gone

Rose says “[Tottenham chairman] Daniel Levy told me in the summer there was no new contract for me at Tottenham, which is fine. I respect that. We move on.” Now, there is indeed, nothing wrong with not offering Rose a new contract. But the issue arises where the player may still be a key part of the manager’s squad. Fans may raise questions as to who really decides those contract extensions. Pochettino must have some kind of say. However, the final decision making power lies within the hands of Levy.

Rose has been a servant to the club since 2007. In that time he has of course voiced his opposition to way he has been treated as an employee. In Dave Kidd and The Sun’s interview in 2017, Rose then complained of not receiving a satisfactory wage. The player also revealed his intentions to eventually play “up north”. Thus, even if a contract was offered, it isn’t certain that Rose would take it.

However, Rose has essentially acted as a dissident within the club. His negiotiatons for better pay don’t have to affect anything on the pitch, as he is after all a talented professional. But, from Daniel Levy’s point of view, Rose is an agitator within the squad. He is asking questions of the wage structure. Thus, it is perhaps no surprise that Levy won’t be offering Rose a new contract.

As a result of this, Pochettino could well be losing a player that he otherwise works well with, and utilises in his squad.

Pochettino Backs Rose

Tottenham’s left-back has reaffirmed his great working relationship with Pochettino. They have still been meeting to discuss how Rose can improve.

“When the manager stops calling me into his office, stops giving me advice, that’s when I’ll think it’s time to leave Tottenham,”

“But until then, I’m not going ­anywhere. I’m lucky to have a manager at Tottenham who, from the first day we met, has always stuck by me, regardless of anything, regardless of the rubbish in the media about me being sold or not part of his plans — all that nonsense.”

Rose Admits to Mistakes

Injuries have constantly pegged Rose back. Furthermore, these injuries have robbed him of the chance to continue some of his most impressive runs of form. The player himself has admitted that his levels have been sub-par. “I’ve ­personally made quite a few mistakes this season and I know that because the ­manager has called me in quite a few times and we’ve analysed things.”

But, despite these mistakes, Rose is still a hardworking professional who is eager to still develop his game later on in his career.

Levy Versus Pochettino: A Clash of Interests

Pochettino has been at Spurs’ helm since 2014. This, in the not so distant cycle of managers, has been a period of stability and growth. During his time at the club, there has been some friction between manager and chairman. This includes the haze around his position as ‘Manager’, or ‘Head Coach’. But what has always remained clear is that Levy is the boss and has the final say.

The two barren transfer windows signify that unfortunately, there isn’t complete co-operation between the two parties. Levy needs to run a tight ship and maximise profits, he must maintain the financial health of the club. And, this unfortunately chokes Pochettino’s ability to shape his squad. There isn’t an issue of lack of communication, but a clash of interests. A clash of interests that will frustrate any incoming manager with any kind of ambition.

It seemed as though, with the signings of Giovani Lo Celso and Tanguy Ndombele, that this rift had healed a little. Spurs finally were able to make some quality additions to the squad.

But, Danny Rose’s current situation is indicative of the disconnect once more. Pochettino works well with the player, but Levy will not offer him one more contract.

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