Arsenal’s Aaron Ramsey: An Example For Players to Follow

Aaron Ramsey

Everybody knows that Arsenal’s Aaron Ramsey is set to join Juventus in the summer on a free transfer. However, the Welshman has not exactly shoved it in anyone’s face. Instead, he has just got on with his football and has still done his utmost to help the Gunners finish strongly.

Arsenal’s Aaron Ramsey Should Be An Example to Every Footballer

Aaron Ramsey Has Shown His Class

A number of players have looked to push through transfer deals in the past when other clubs have been touted with possible moves. Just look at the likes of Virgil van Dijk, Philippe Coutinho, Ousmane Dembele, Kylian Mbappe and Dimitri Payet before they all achieved their ‘dream switches’.

Unfortunately, it is not too uncommon to see ‘player power’ take full advantage and leave a club feeling held to ransom by an individual because they can not get their own way. Players have refused to play because they have not been happy with the decisions that have been made.

However, Ramsey has shown his class by just getting on with what he is paid to do. Which is quite simple – and that is to play football.

As mentioned, the midfielder has continued to burst lungs in the middle of the park for Unai Emery’s side this season. He has helped them to a quarter-final place in the Europa League. He has also kept them in the race for a top-four finish in the Premier League.

Yet, he has done this despite not being an Arsenal player next season, because he is a pure professional.

Ramsey Showing Why Juventus Signed Him

There is no doubting Ramsey’s quality. He is an excellent midfielder and can be considered one of the best on his day – and often under-rated.

Juventus will be delighted that they are getting a player of his class in the summer as he will certainly add quality to their team. He has also shown that he will do what is asked of him, even if he will not benefit from it in the future.

Ramsey’s Actions Should be Copied by Others in the Game

It does just seem ridiculous to be praising a footballer, who is earning an outrageous amount of money, to just focus on his job. Hell, plenty of people would love to be playing football at the highest level for nothing!

It can not go unnoticed, though, as so many of his colleagues have not managed to stay professional and have thrown their toys out of the pram at the first occasion.

Riyad Mahrez is an exception as he showed the same level of professionalism with Leicester City despite his desires to move to Manchester City.

Maybe, though, a few other footballers could look to copy the Arsenal midfielder and just get on with the task at hand – rather than upset everybody possibly connected with the club and make themselves the villain.

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