NBA Best value bets of the night

Golden State Warriors – Charlotte Hornets : 24.02.2024 04:00 CEST

NBA basketball is back and GSW were dominant yesterday against the LA Lakers. Andrew Wiggins shot pretty well, getting 20 points. Today, he is also going to be our value bet as they face the Charlotte Hornets. Since joining the Warriors, Andrew Wiggins has managed to make at least two threes every single time against the Charlotte Hornets, 5/5.

He is not the best 3pt shooter, averaging only around 35pt from deep, but we believe that the line is too low. Yesterday, he took five threes and managed to hit two of them. We believe that against the Charlotte Hornets, he will take more threes and hopefully at least get two of them! With all being said, we believe that Andrew Wiggins will cover this bet easily!

Value bet/ the best odds: Andrew Wiggins over 1.5 3s made @+122 @FanDuel

Portland Trail Blazers – Denver Nuggets : 24.02.2024 04:00 CEST

The Portland Trail Blazers are a team who are currently rebuilding. They are playing terrible defense, and they are on a 6-game losing streak. Portland are big underdogs here, and we believe that they will give up a lot of points to the Denver Nuggets. Nikola Jokić had another big game in Denver.

They won 130-110 against the Washington Wizards, where Jokic dominated the paint. He got a triple double with 15 assists. When Denver is playing against teams who are not that good, Jokic loves to involve the whole team in the game like he did yesterday. We believe that tonight will be a similar scenario. Tonight, we are going to go with Nikola Jokić getting at least 10 assists in the game.

He cleared this line in the last 3 out of 4 meetings with the Portland Trail Blazers. Yesterday, he looked perfect at getting his team involved.

We hope for a competitive game and not a blowout. If everything goes fine, we believe that he will cover this line easily! All being said, Nikola Jokić getting 10 assists is a value bet, and you should definitely go for it!

Value bet/ the best odds: Nikola Jokić over 9.5 assists @-111 @FanDuel

Oklahoma City Thunder – Washington Wizards : 24.02.2024 02:00 CEST

The Oklahoma City Thunder are one of the contenders this year. They are such a young team with so much talent. Things are probably going to look a little bit different in the playoffs since they lack some veteran experience, but in the regular season, they have been nothing but dominant.

Yesterday, they had a big win against another contender, the LA Clippers. The Washington Wizards are quite the opposite. They are trying to avoid the last spot in the league with the Detroit Pistons.

They are on a 9-game losing streak, and it does not look good for them as they got blown out yesterday against the Denver Nuggets. Both teams are on a back to back trip, but OKC played at home yesterday, and they will play at home tonight, so that makes a big difference, since they do not need to travel!

Oklahoma City Thunder are a young and hungry team with really talented players who are not going to stop getting to the rim even if they are up by 20 points.

With all that being said, we believe that the Washington Wizards will have another horrible night and that OKC are gonna show how good they are yet again in front of their own fans!

Value bet/ the best odds: Oklahoma City Thunder -15.5 points @1.91 @bet365

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