NBA Best value bets of the night

Brooklyn Nets – Atlanta Hawks: 01.03.2024 01:30 CEST

The Brooklyn Nets have lost five out of their last six games they played. After all the roster and team management changes, this team has been a mess. There is absolutely no team chemistry, every player does their own thing, and it seems like nobody knows their role in the team. Last game, they got blown out by the Orlando Magic. It was just another game where they looked bad on both ends of the floor. The Atlanta Hawks played great two nights ago. They won easily against the Utah Jazz as we predicted and everything seemed fine with this team. Even with both Trae Young and Okongwu still being out and injured, this team has a core and ground principles. They will continue to fight for the play-in spot and this game will be a big game for them since the Brooklyn Nets are just one seed behind them. All being said, we believe that the Atlanta Hawks should not be underdogs here like as bookies are predicting. The Atlanta Hawks are a better team at the moment and with this much at stake, we are sure that they are going to pull off another victory!

Value bet/ the best odds: Atlanta Hawks to win @+106 @FanDuel

New York Knicks – Golden State Warriors: 01.03.2024 01:30 CEST

The New York Knicks are probably one of the most injured teams in the league right now. Almost every single key player is out. In the last game against the Pelicans, they played without Anunoby, Brunson, Hartenstein, Randle and Robinson. Tonight they will be without Randle, Robinson and Anunoby. Brunson and Hartenstein are questionable, but if they are also out, it is hard to expect the Knicks to do anything against the GSW. The Golden State Warriors are getting playoff ready. They were terrible throughout the most part of the season, but as the season went on, they picked up the game and signed some new guys to the roster who contributed really well. They won their last four out of the five games they played. After moving Klay Thompson to the bench, the team looked more dangerous and also more productive. Other than Wiggins being out, they have no injury problems. All being said, the New York Knicks are just too damaged with all the injuries and with the Golden State Warriors fighting for the playoff spot, we believe that the Golden State Warriors will win confidently tonight and keep pushing towards the playoff spot!

Value bet/ the best odds: Golden State Warriors -4 @-174 @FanDuel

San Antonio Spurs – Oklahoma City Thunder: 01.03.2024 02:30 CEST

The San Antonio Spurs are a really young and promising team. This season is over for them, but they still continue to fight and show everyone how good they could be in the future. Victor Wembanyama is the first pick who might go on to be one of the best players in the league. A young rookie started to play better, and his numbers are showing that as well. We believe that his rebound line is set too low tonight and that he will grab 11 rebounds easily. Against the Oklahoma City Thunder this season, Wembanyama grabbed 12 and 14 rebounds. The Thunder give up the 3rd most rebounds to the opposing centers. Considering all the facts, Wembanyama should get 11 rebounds easily tonight!

Value bet/ the best odds: Wembanyama over 10.5 rebounds @-130 @FanDuel