NBA Best value bets of the night

Chicago Bulls – Cleveland Cavaliers: 29.02.2024 02:00 CEST

The Chicago Bulls had a terrible last night when they lost against the worst team in the league, the Detroit Pistons. The team has many injuries, many key players are out for the rest of the season and the question remains if they can keep the play-in spot. On the other hand, the Cavs had an incredible last night, where they won with a half-court buzzer beater against the Mavericks. They had a great 3-point shooting night as they shot 50% from the deep! If they stay healthy, we believe that they are one of the contenders this year and that they will have a deep run in the playoffs this season. All being said, we believe that the Cavs are in better momentum and form at the moment and that they will win in Chicago easily tonight!

Value bet/ the best odds: Cleveland Cavaliers -5.5 handicap @-110 @FanDuel

Denver Nuggets – Sacramento Kings: 29.02.2024 03:00 CEST

The Denver Nuggets are the third seed in the West right now. If they can continue their three-game winning streak, they will probably be the first seed soon enough! The Nuggets are current NBA Champions, and it will be no wonder if they win it all again this year. This team just has incredible team chemistry and it is so fun to watch them play, especially with Murray being back and fit! The Sacramento Kings are a young team who are still developing and trying to get that playoff spot this year. One of their best players is DE’Aaron Fox, who has been playing well lately. His assist line is set at 5.5, which we believe is low considering all the facts. He had at least 6 assists in his last 5 games. This season, against the Nuggets, he had 8, 10, and 16 assists in the games he played! If you look at these stats and facts, it is pretty simple. This line is too low, and we believe that Fox will get 6 assists easily!

Value bet/ the best odds: DE´Aaron Fox over 5.5 assists @-108 @FanDuel

LA Clippers – LA Lakers: 29.02.2024 04:00 CEST

The LA Clippers had a tough schedule for the last couple of games where they also lost a couple of them. They are still one of the contenders if healthy. This remains a big question, since James Harden, Paul George, Russell Westbrook, and Kawhi Leonard are not the youngest guys anymore! The Lakers are fighting for the play-in spot this season and, since they have changed their roster so much, it is not a wonder that they still have problems with the team chemistry. Many guys are injured, and LeBron James is also questionable for tonight’s game. Due to injuries, it is a big chance for Austin Reaves to step up and prove that he is worth the money the Lakers are paying him. If LeBron is out, we expect Reaves to get the ball a lot more and to take more shots. Austin Reaves has hit over 1.5 threes in his last 7 games and if LeBron is out, he will probably take a lot of threes! All being said, we believe that his line is too low and even if LeBron plays, he should be able to take care of the business.

Value bet/ the best odds: over 1.5 threes @-115 @FanDuel