NBA Best value bets of the night

Cleveland Cavaliers – Dallas Mavericks: 28.02.2024 01:00 CEST

The Cleveland Cavaliers are the hottest team in the league right now. They are 2nd seed in the East and if they stay healthy, they could stay on the top! Even after losing their last game at home against the Orlando Magic. They are still one of the best teams when playing at home! All the main players should be ready and good to go for tonight! The Dallas Mavericks are fighting for the playoff spot! They are currently 7th seed in the West and also in perfect form. Kyrie Irving and Luka Dončić are finally both healthy and, since then, they have been winning a lot. In the last game, against the Pacers, we saw how the defense was terrible by the Mavericks. When both Kyrie and Luka are playing, it is obvious that the defense suffers and this might be a big problem against such a good offensive team such as the Cavs! All being said, we believe that the Cavs at home are just way too good, and they should be big favorites in this matchup!

Value bet/ the best odds: Cleveland Cavaliers to win @1.55 @BetMGM

Atlanta Hawks – Utah Jazz: 28.02.2024 01:30 CEST

The Atlanta Hawks are fighting for the play-in spot. They are currently 10th seed in the East and from now on, every game is a must win! The biggest problem is that they are without Trae Young and Onyeka Okongwu, who are really important to the team. However, their starting lineup is still really solid, and we saw that as well in their last game where they played against the Magic! The Utah Jazz are almost in the same position. They are currently 11th seed in the West and if they plan to catch up with the Warriors and the Lakers, they have to fight for every single game! All the players are ready and healthy as they have no injuries. The Utah Jazz are one of the worst teams on the road in the league and this will be another really tough matchup for them! We believe that the Atlanta Hawks, even with all the injuries they have, are still a better and more stacked team. With them playing at home, we believe that they are going to win, and you should definitely go for it!

Value bet/ the best odds: Atlanta Hawks to win @1.77 @bet365

New York Knicks – New Orleans Pelicans: 28.02.2024 01:30 CEST

The New York Knicks got a lot of praise from many journalists and analysts this year. If healthy, they are probably one of the contenders this year. This team has so much depth in every single position. The front office did the best job in the league this year and all the new signings seemed to work out pretty well. Yesterday, they won against the Pistons in a really tough game. The Knicks are playing back to back games at home, and we believe that they are energized and ready for the Pelicans. Both teams have injury problems! The Knicks are without three main guys (Anunouby, Randle, Robinson) and the Pelicans are still not sure if they can count on Zion and McCollum since they are both still questionable for this game!
We believe that even with both Zion and McCollum playing this game, the Knicks are still a better team, especially in Madison Square Garden. Since the bookies are predicting them as underdogs, we believe that there is a big value bet on them winning tonight, and you should definitely go for it!

Value bet/ the best odds: New York Knicks to win @2.20 @bet365