NBA Best value bets of the night

Memphis Grizzlies – Brooklyn Nets: 27.02.2024 02:00 CEST

The Memphis Grizzlies are really destroyed by the injuries. Their young guys have got a lot of playing time, and it seemed like the season is over for them. Vince Williams Jr is one of the guys who have really been playing great and been really consistent. The Brooklyn Nets are in a similar situation as Memphis are. They might take a play-in spot, but with their current form, they are far away from it. They have lost 7 out of the last 8 games played and with the current roster it is hard to expect anything better from them. The Nets allow many points at the point guard position! Vince Williams Jr has been playing mostly the point guard position, and he has gone over his point line many times recently. Considering how many points the Nets give up on his position and with his current role due to the injuries, we believe that he will go over his points line (11.5) yet again, and you should definitely go for it!

Value bet/ the best odds: Vince Williams Jr over 12.5 points @+102 @FanDuel

New York Knicks – Detroit Pistons: 27.02.2024 01:30 CEST

The New York Knicks have been struggling lately due to injuries. Most of the main guys are injured and, since the Knicks lost Randle due to his shoulder injury, Josh Hart has stepped up and has been doing most of the dirty work! He has been really productive, getting many rebounds and distributing the ball. He averages around 8 rebounds this season, but as we already mentioned, he has been playing more minutes since Randle is out and injured. In his last 10 games, he averaged almost 10 rebounds per game. The Detroit Pistons are one of the worst teams in the league right now, and tonight they are going to be without Stewart and Sasser, who are solid rebounders. All being said, we believe that Josh Hart is well rested and should be ready to grab many rebounds against the Pistons.

Value bet/ the best odds: Josh Hart over 8.5 rebounds @-125 @FanDuel

Indiana Pacers – Toronto Raptors: 27.02.2024 01:00 CEST

The Indiana Pacers are getting up in the east. They are on a three-game winning streak and it is so fun to watch these guys ball! With Haliburton back, they have a much better chance to go deep in the playoffs. The Pacers are a young and stacked team with a lot of potential. We do not believe that they are contenders, but they should continue to do great in the regular season. The Toronto Raptors are rebuilding and, after the trade with the Knicks, they do not look perfect. OG Anunoby was their best defender and without him and Siakam you can see how their defense has been struggling a lot. We believe that this matchup will be really fun to watch and that the Pacers will show yet again how good they are. The Raptors should struggle against the Pacers, who won yesterday at home against the Mavericks. With all being said, we believe that the Pacers are way too good and should win easily against the team who are rebuilding!

Value bet/ the best odds: Indiana Pacers -6.5 @1.90 @bet365