Jayson Tatum Playoff Props: C’s All-NBA Forward Delivers Overs In Game 3

Jayson tatum playoff props celtics hawks

We’re paying specific attention to Jayson Tatum playoff props tonight. The Boston Celtics are up 2-0 against the Atlanta Hawks, and have the opportunity to put the series to bed. We’re eyeing a big performance from the C’s All-NBA talisman.

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Jayson Tatum NBA Playoff Props

Jayson Tatum Over 29.5 Points

Tatum fell Under 30 points in each of the Celtics’ first two games. He was a little inefficient in Game 1 (43.5% from the floor) and didn’t attempt a single free throw in Game 2.

We’re banking on a reasonable degree of efficiency against a mediocre defensive unit. And volume — from all scoring levels — figures to be plentiful. It’s reasonable to anticipate the Celtics cruising behind an Over from Tatum.

Jayson Tatum Over 9.5 Rebounds

The Celtics simply have too much for the Hawks to handle, even at home — after all, it’s not as if the Hawks have the most rabid fanbase. Atlanta’s primary issue is inefficiency from their highest usage players, Trae Young and Dejounte Murray.

If Young (14 of 40) and Murray (21 of 49) continue shooting at a sub-par clip — the Celtics’ No. 3 rated defense makes that highly possible — there will be a lot of errant shots. Tatum reached double figures in each of the first two games and three straight is in the cards.

Jayson Tatum Over 1.5 Steals + Blocks

This position is based both on Tatum’s — and the Celtics’ — ability on the defensive end, in addition to the Hawks’ looseness with the rock. Especially when it comes to Young, who has 10 turnovers across two games.

The Celtics are laying a couple of possessions on the road with a short moneyline. Look for Tatum and the Celtics to keep the defensive clamps on the soon-to-be beach-bound Hawks.

Jayson Tatum (+4.5 Assists) vs. Trae Young

Tatum didn’t climb to an All-NBA level without delivering well-rounded production. The Celtics flow through Tatum, who produced a team-high 32.7% usage rate during the regular season.

Supporting casts generally play better at home, but we’re confident in the Celtics roster nonetheless. And while we expect Young to out-assist Tatum in Game 3, we like Tatum’s chances of maintaining enough pace in the dimes department to cover.

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