Toronto Raptors 2020 NBA Draft Summary


The Toronto Raptors had two draft picks in 2020. They selected 29th and 59th overall in the 2020 NBA Draft. Their first-round draft pick was Malachi Flynn from San Diego State University and the second-round pick was Jalen Harris from the University of Nevada. The Toronto Raptors Draft Review Malachi Flynn Flynn’s first team will […] READ MORE

Dallas Mavericks: 2020 NBA Draft Prospects to Watch


The Dallas Mavericks are sprinting their way up the championship contender trajectory. Luka Doncic is a star and the supporting cast has already exceeded expectations. With that being said, Dallas must utilize the 2020 draft to further strengthen the team. The Mavericks actually don’t have a notable track record of success with their own picks, as players […] READ MORE

Mid-Major Tournament Previews: Week One

When people hear the term March Madness, they often think about the NCAA Tournament. However, the madness begins with conference tournaments. Mid-major conferences have more on the line than their major counterparts. For most of them, only one team will be representing the league in the bracket. 12 conferences begin the quest for March glory […] READ MORE

San Diego State Can Go Undefeated


The San Diego State Aztecs have flown onto the radar, joining Auburn as one of two remaining undefeated teams in college basketball. The Aztecs are 15-0, and 14-0 against Division I competition. The seventh-ranked team in the AP Poll is also ranked first in the NCAA NET ratings. While many may dismiss San Diego State […] READ MORE