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Markieff Morris Rumored to Join 76ers

Recently a report came out that Markieff Morris has an interest in joining the Philadelphia 76ers. Morris is a Philadelphia native and would enjoy playing for his hometown team. These feelings seem to be mutual for the 76ers. Morris missed most of last season due to an injury after a scuffle with Nikola Jokic. With Morris set to potentially join the 76ers, here’s the impact he could provide.

Markieff Morris Rumored to Join 76ers

Morris’ Fit

Morris definitely has the skill to come off the bench as a rotational player for contending teams. Although the 76ers aren’t the only team to be rumored in signing Morris, this fit definitely seems to be the best. The 76ers at the moment have a very guard-heavy rotation and bringing in a 6′ 8″ forward would help.

As of now, the backup forwards for the 76ers seem to be recently acquired Danuel House or Georges Niang. They’re decent players but Morris has height and weight on both of these players. Morris alongside P.J. Tucker could make for one of the grittier and more physical rotations in the league.

Morris is also no stranger to getting used to many schemes. The 32-year-old has already played for six teams across his entire NBA ¬†career. He would provide a great veteran presence in the locker room. Morris was a core piece in the Lakers’ championship run where he played 21 games and averaged 6 points.

Morris is a great shooter from beyond the arc. He averages 34.1% from three throughout his career. Pairing him alongside Joel Embiid would create great spacing with most rotations.

Realistic Expectations

Morris won’t see the court too often with such a complete rotation in Philadelphia. Having big players such as Morris for depth will be important due to Embiid’s injury history. Embiid played only 68 games last season which is the most in his career. Morris should be able to see the court if he can remain healthy himself.

Morris averages 10.9 points throughout his career on 9.5 shots a game. With so many players on Philadelphia needing to get their shots off he should shoot about half that amount. If he can shoot roughly 5 to 6 shots a game he could provide roughly 6 points off the bench. This role would be similar to the one he played in Miami last year.

Other Options for Morris

Morris should have a huge market as a veteran with decent skill. Many teams could use a backup forward of his caliber. One team that could potentially show interest is the Clippers. Morris would be able to team up with his brother and play the backup forward/center play after the loss of Isaiah Hartenstein.

Another team that could use him is the Nets. The Nets in previous years have been no stranger in bringing in veteran forwards to build out their roster. Adding Morris would be no exception. The final team that should check Morris’ status is the Lakers. Anthony Davis has been no stranger to injuries in the past and bringing in a backup option would be ideal. They also are a team that’s been known to bring in veteran forwards.

Other Options for Philadelphia

If Morris elects to sign somewhere else there are only a few free agent options that could play a backup forward/center role for the team. One potential signing could be Montrezl Harrell. He’s a player that plays with a lot of hustle and has been consistent throughout his career.

Another option to play forward is Carmelo Anthony. He’s starting to really get up there in age but played quality minutes last year for the Lakers. Last year he shot 37.5% from three. Ideally, the 76ers would get Morris as there aren’t a ton of great fits for the team but there are a few backup options.


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