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Who Should Sign Montrezl Harrell?

Former 6th Man of the Year, Montrezl Harrell, is still yet to be signed. This is very surprising as he is such a hustle player that can score efficiently. With multiple teams in need of a player of his skillset, here are some teams who should sign Montrezl Harrell.

Who Should Sign Montrezl Harrell?

Miami Heat

The Miami Heat are most recently removed from a conference finals series where they lost to the Boston Celtics. They also had a tough offseason where they didn’t bring in any notable new players and lost P.J. Tucker. Harrell may have a different skill set than Tucker but can bring that similar energy and replace his minutes.

In Miami’s seven-game playoff series against the Celtics, they failed to score over 100 points in three of those games. Harrell could fix this lack of scoring. He averaged 13.1 points in only 23 minutes per game last season. Off the bench, he could be that forward the Heat have been looking for. On top of that, Harrell’s lack of shooting won’t negatively affect the team, as they shot 38% from three as a team last year.

Golden State Warriors

The Warriors are hoping to repeat after winning the NBA Finals. They have already had a good offseason but also lost some core rotation players and should look to replace their minutes. They already signed JaMychal Green but should continue looking for veterans like Montrezl Harrell to play that backup center role. With James Wiseman being so inexperienced, any center play will be beneficial to the Warriors.

Harrell is a shorter high-energy center similar to Kevon Looney. When Looney decides to sit, Harrell will be the perfect backup option for him. Harrell can rebound at a high rate, with 6.1 rebounds last season. He’s also highly efficient; he shot 64.5% from the field. This seven-year veteran would be the perfect player to plug into a complicated Warriors system.

Portland Trailblazers

With Damian Lillard coming back from his injury, the Trailblazers hope to become contenders this year. The best way to do this is to add in veterans that know how to win. In Harrell’s seven-year career, he has made the playoffs five times. With the Trailblazers in the market for a backup center, they should look to Harrell for a cheap option.

Harrell adds a new dimension to the Trailblazers’ offense that someone like Jusuf Nurkic doesn’t. Nurkic tends to play a big, slow-paced style of basketball. Harrell is better in transition as well as finishing lobs. With an offense that features so many quality playmakers, Harrell should look to get easy buckets.


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