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The Cost of Keeping Draymond Green and The Future of the Golden State Warriors

The Golden State franchise is now in a dilemma on the cost of keeping Draymond Green and the future of the Golden State Warriors. The NBA Community are tossing in their beds, anxiously awaiting the verdict to keep or to let go of their top defensive player. But then again, decisions have to be made for the best interest of the team.

The Cost of Keeping Draymond Green and The Future of the Golden State Warriors

There are several angles to consider if the Warriors decide to keep Green in its fold. Firstly, the power forward was eligible to sign a contract extension with the Warriors on August 3, 2022. Secondly, he is in negotiations for a new five-year deal worth $164.2 million. At present, Green has two years left on the four-year, $100 million contract extension signed for the 2019-2020 season. The final year of the deal is a player option.

How the Problem Began 

Now, the Golden State franchise is contemplating the consequences of keeping Green on the payroll. The problem began with the upcoming extension contracts of Klay Thompson, Andrew Wiggins, Jordan Poole, and Green. Holding on to Green means that the franchise will have to shell out an estimated amount of $564 million in luxury tax bills. If the Warriors opt to keep these four key players, they’ll have to foot the bill.

The exorbitant amount is too much for the GSW owner to cover. Green wants more in the years to come for his job security. He has two more years to go with his contract extension inked earlier in the 2019-2020 season.

Tough Decisions for the Golden State Warriors

The dilemma brings in tough decisions on who will stay and who’ll leave the Warriors camp. Considering the amount, Joe Lacob cannot fathom the expenditure to keep them all. At the same time, letting go of the next generation will be a big loss too. The decision hypes the cost of keeping Draymond Green, and the future of the Golden State Warriors comes into question.

Giving in to Green’s negotiations will have a negative effect on the team. At 32, his recent season was injury-riddled and was terrible on the offensive side of his game. In addition, keeping Green would mean letting go of one of its younger core players. As a result, keeping the Big three in Curry, Thompson, and Green translates to sacrificing their young talents for future titles in the NBA.

Although Green’s asking price is too steep for the GSW franchise, he is securing his path for the next five years. Considering the injuries he has, his body could give way in the years to follow. The four-time NBA Champion just wants to end his career on what the organization can endow him.

Negotiations are still up as the Dub Nation anxiously awaits the verdict. In the same vein, skeptics want Green to finish his old contract and wait for the franchise’s counter-proposal. If he opts out, he may never have a maximum contract from the teams he has in mind to transfer.


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