Golden State Warriors: Is Draymond Green Worth a Max Extension?

Golden State Warriors Draymond Green
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The Golden State Warriors are going to have a tough decision to make with Draymond Green. The forward signed a four-year, $100 million contract before the 2019-20 season. The last season on that deal, however, is a player option. Now, according to The Athletic, Green is looking to ink a five-year, $164.2 million deal. So, is Green worth it?

Will the Golden State Warriors Give Draymond Green a Max Extension?

Upcoming Extension Options

In a perfect world, the Warriors would hand Green an extension, no questions asked. Giving him what he reportedly wants, paired with the other players who need extensions, would further shatter the luxury tax record that Golden State just broke this past year.

Andrew Wiggins and Jordan Poole are in the last years of their deal. Wiggins gets paid just over $33 million. After a very strong season last year, it would be no surprise to see Wiggins demand the same kind of money. Other teams will surely offer that, too, after what they saw this past season. Wiggins is still just 27 years old and offers a rare skillset of athleticism, defense, slashing, and shooting.

Poole also broke out off the bench last season. Considering the Warriors’ core is getting older, Poole can very well be the next face of the franchise. The deal Jalen Brunson signed with the New York Knicks is a solid indicator of what Poole may want, and that was a four-year, $104 million deal.

Then, of course, there’s Klay Thompsonwho comes off the books in 2024. He’s also a Warriors legend and a Splash Brother. Seeing Thompson elsewhere would definitely be an odd sight.

There’s also the chance of James Wiseman living up to expectations. If that’s the case, and he isn’t traded for any reason, then he’s also off the books in 2024 (his last two seasons are team options).

This leaves Stephen Curry and Kevon Looney as core pieces that are signed for longer. Young players Jonathan Kuminga and Moses Moody fall in there too.

Is Draymond Green Worth It for the Golden State Warriors?

Green is a perfect fit in Golden State. He plays elite defense and is second to none when it comes to getting into the heads of opposing teams. This is especially important come playoff time. He’s also a constant triple-double threat with scoring, stellar passing for a big, and strong rebounding. His stat sheet doesn’t always dazzle, but Green is the epitome of doing the things that don’t always show up in the box score.

In that sense, he’s worth it.

Green, however, is 32 years old. It’s sensible for the Warriors to place their primary focus on Poole and then Wiggins. Poole is 23 and could be on a star trajectory. Wiggins is in his prime and will be for a few seasons.

Thompson may be the third focus. His scoring and shooting abilities are still so rare.

Although Green is integral to the Warriors, there are a number of strong defensive bigs in the league. Not all have the same skillset as Green, but a team can’t always be as rich as the Warriors are in talent.

It remains to be seen what the Warriors will do, but they are coming into next season with a strong roster and continue to make additions.