Keyonte George; The Next Freshman Phenom

Keyonte George headed to Baylor
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The journey the Baylor basketball program has been on since its inception has been a roller coaster, to say the least. From murder charges to National Championships, the program has seen it all. However, the Baylor roller coaster has reached new heights. The heights of introducing national high school talent to the program all start with consensus top 5 freshman, Keyonte George.

The 6’4 SG has been a star in the high school basketball scene since he first laced up his shoes. George attended the highly prestigious IMG Academy for his senior year and has constantly shined even when the lights are bright. In his high school career, George has become a McDonald’s All-American and a Max Preps all American throughout his short career. This article isn’t about what Keynote George has done it’s about what George can/will do.

Keyonte George Poised for Huge Freshman Season

Scoring Scoring Scoring (did I mention scoring?)

Like what the title implies, Keyonte George is an electric scorer. No matter how he does it, George will find a way to score every single time he steps on the floor.  In his senior season at IMG, George put up nearly 18 PPG on a team that was loaded with high major D1 talent.

George is a go-getter. When he has the ball in his hands, He will find a way to get the ball in the basket. More specifically, he can get after it from beyond the arc. George shot 41% from 3 in his senior season which is well above the average 3-point shooting mark. He can knock down the long ball in a variety of ways, particularly on the catch. He is very active and quick off the ball which allows him to be a threat in any offense that he is a part of.

In this clip, George is playing off the ball and once he receives the ball he immediately goes right into his shot and drains it. Georges’s quick and fluid release offers another level of elite catch and shooting ability for him. When he gets the ball George can quickly get an efficient shot up due to the natural speed of his jump shot.

George is also a master in shooting off the dribble. He possesses a very tight handle and can pull off a multitude of moves on any basis. He has very quick feet and he easily leaves defenders astray due to his tantalizing dribble moves. With his elite three-point touch and his high-level shot-creating abilities, Georges’s offensive prowess is simply above the rest.

Scoring Scoring Scoring Scoring (but more scoring)

Another attribute of Georges’s wide offensive game is his ability to score downhill. George has the strength and athleticism to be a linebacker at Baylor let alone a wing player. He possesses the real capability to put his head down and simply barrel through defenders who are twice his size. George uses his out the gym athleticism to consistently finish through or over defenders.

He is also very crafty when moving down the lane as well. He is very poised when moving down the lane as he can change directions at a phenomenal rate.

In terms of the scoring ability for a guard, he is the best pure scoring guard in the country, He seemingly checks every box that a scoring guard needs while also playing at his own pace. George is an efficient and gifted scorer that is bound to be an instant game changer for Scott Drew and co.

What Scott Drew Will Do for Keyonte George

As far as negatives go, there is room for improvement in terms of playmaking and defending. Those issues are what Scott Drew has mastered in for his guards. Drew is a guard whisperer. Drew has constantly shown that he can turn any guard he is given into an All-American talent while also pushing them towards greener professional pastures.

First off his playmaking is very fixable. He is an off-the-ball guard but for his offensive skill set, he demands the ball in his hands. George has shown an ability to pass and be a creator but he has had problems in terms of forcing passes and trying too much on the facilitating end. In Scott Drews’s offense, he will likely take the role of the off-ball guard with Adam Flagler taking over as the lead ball handler but for the long term, George needs to become a better facilitator.

An issue that many people have had with George is his lack of defensive ability. If there’s any coach who can fix that it’s Scott Drew, a coach who has become known for hard-nosed defense. George chooses the correct path in terms of upgrading his skillset by coming into Waco. George can very well leave college as a guy who has an elite all-around game.

Keyonte George Stat Predictions

After a very strong showing at the U23 global jam, George has shown that he can score with high-level talent. Baylor currently has a very crowded backcourt that features all-big 12 player Adam Flagler and potential all-big 12 players in LJ Cryer. However, Georges’s skill set is far greater than both Cryer and Flagler’s. If Baylor wants to compete for a national title, they need George to be the center of the offense

Prediction 15 PPG 2 ASTS 5 REB.

George has the pure athleticism to rise in big 12 competitions which can allow him to rebound the basketball. George’s refined shooting touch and shot-creating ability will be a prime attribute in his own and his team’s success in this coming season.

George truly can be a top 5 pick in the upcoming draft. In a loaded guard draft, his name has been lost in the shuffle. However, people are going to regret not being aware of George earlier as he can easily acclimate himself as a surefire top 5 pick in this upcoming season.