Golden State Warriors: Two Trades to Consider

The 2022 NBA Champions Golden State Warriors can walk into next season with the exact same roster, avoid trades, and have no problem. With that being said, it’s still worth looking into trades. Other teams will be improving throughout the offseason, so the Warriors might as well follow suit.

Golden State Warriors: Two Trades to Consider

Upgrading at Center

Golden State Warriors receive Myles Turner.

Indiana Pacers receive James Wiseman and Moses Moody.

If there’s one position the Warriors can improve on, it’s at center. Kevon Looney did very well throughout the playoffs, and knows the Warriors system well, but is set to hit free agency. His playoff performances will draw many teams towards him. Then, of course, there’s a top prospect in Wiseman, but he’s barely played due to injury.

Golden State’s championship window, of course, is still alive so they might as well add to that. Turner is already a proven asset in the league. He blocks shots with ease, is a rim protector, and has a polished offensive game along with the ability to stretch the floor. In short, he looks like the ideal center for this team.

Indiana, on the other hand, is set to hit a rebuild. Adding youth will be key for them moving forward. Wiseman holds limitless potential. The injuries have been an issue, but the Pacers can afford to be patient. A duo of Tyrese Haliburton and Wiseman has star potential. Moody is quite solid as well. He showed brilliant potential in short bursts with Golden State and is also a recent lottery pick. Moody can improve very quickly with more playing time.

Going All Out

Golden State Warriors receive OG Anunoby and Jerami Grant.

Toronto Raptors receive Andrew Wiggins.

Detroit Pistons receive James Wiseman and Moses Moody.

Wiggins was absolutely phenomenal for the Warriors during the playoffs. This means they likely want to keep him, but at the same time, they may not be able to extend him after this next season. For this reason, they can bring in Anunoby who’s on a larger contract. Anunoby is both a strong defensive and offensive player. He’ll be a great defender next to Draymond Green and can also produce offensively at a rate close to Wiggins. In addition, the Warriors also get another strong option in Grant. Next year will be the last year in his contract, but adding this duo makes the Warriors even better next season.

Toronto brings in Wiggins as there are rumors surrounding Anunoby’s discontent with the Raptors. Besides the fact that Wiggins is Canadian, he can be a star for the Raptors.

Detroit is slowly building with Cade Cunningham, so if they can deal Grant for two young pieces they’ll likely be all over it. The Pistons have a hole at center that Wiseman can fill. Like the previous trade, Wiseman has the potential to create a stellar duo with an up-and-coming guard. In addition, Moody just needs playing time to develop into a strong player. Detroit can offer this.